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  1. Silver case black ends it was a g3 + or something I thought it was extreme I cant remember now it was a long time ago was the largest model at the time and has external map sensor. it is defiantly a g3 as I remember giving a serial number I paid some money to upgrade it to g4 software it is not a g4 or g4 +. I'm at work so I don't have the serial number handy was purchased from Walter at NZEFI.
  2. I have a link plug g3 extreme I brought brand new and it has been sttiing in the box brand new since 2007 and I'm wanting to fit it to my 4age 20v. I'm not really keen to fit it incase I blow it up. I have purchase a 2nd oem computer removed the plugs and made a short harness from the factory sockets, would someone be willing to make a loom to attach my link plus to the factory harness and drop in a base map? also can I connect a cam lambada sensor to my ecu as my unit has onboard cam I believe?
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