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  1. On 04/07/2017 at 10:19 PM, ClintBHP said:


    Yes it is on the standard ECU, I've moved it up to were the batt use to be to give room for the gte style intake manifold, and currently looks just the same as the pictures, the wiring does need tidying up.


    An issue I have is since removing the standard manifold and fitting this one with the id1050 injectors the car will not start it just spins over.

    I have fuel pressure and no spark, I'm not sure if this will be because of the injectors giving the wrong signal, I also have no Maf.


    Yes I'm in the UK, north Yorkshire, YO7 4RW

  2. On 04/07/2017 at 10:19 PM, ClintBHP said:

    I have successfully piggybacked a Monsoon into a GS300 that retains all the original ECU's control of Auto Transmission and ECU.

    I am now working towards a Manual conversion and a standalone Link ECU with BEAMs support for the dash.

    Hi clintbhp.

    Would love some info/costing on doing this piggyback ECU.

    Also possible help in doing so as I'm in a wheelchair.

    I'm running the 2jzge, gt35 turbo, big front mount, gte style intake, id1050cc injectors.

    So I now need a decent piggyback to run it, will be keeping the auto box as I drive with hand controls.


    I'm looking at moving the ECU to were that batt was originally hense the wires spread out.





  3. i am looking for a ecu to run my 1998 lexus gs300 with automatic transmission and has the 2jzge vvt-i fitted.

    i have turbo'ed this engine using a gt35 turbo and i am going to be forging it and running stage 3 brian crower cams 
    so i need an ecu that will run a 2jz with vvt-i and a auto gearbox
    if anyone can give any guidance, thank you.


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