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  1. fantastic, thank you for the reply almost finished the loom now, was working on it last night, going to run it in the car this weekend if the weather stays dry :S as for idle control, any advice on setting that up without an idle control valve and a manual throttle? just a case of adjusting the throttle stop screw to allow some air to pass and resetting the throttle % from the tps back to 0?
  2. hey everybody, just signed up to this forum, I have a link silver xtreme g4 ecu for my s14 silvia with a Toyota jz engine I've built the car from scratch and have had it running a 1jz for a few years, I recently went to upgrade the block to a 2jz which turned into a full rebuild had a 2jz block built poorly by a guy in Scotland that claimed the world so ended up having to shell out for a second rebuild on the block .5mm oversize etc all pics and info is in my thread: https://www.driftworks.com/forum/threads/jz-s14-silvia.193381/ so I will be asking a few link g4 ecu related questions as I go since my car is booked in for a base map and setup so I can run the new engine in on the 10th of july next month need to take new pictures of the car and upload them but here's a few rough pics from the last few months: big port job on the 1jz head, brian crower 264* cams, bc springs and retainers, 8:0:1 comp ratio 86.5mm pistons, zrp rods, new bearings and toyota gaskets throughout, big intake manifold, gtx3582r ball bearing turbo, 6boost exhaust manifold, twin turbosmart 40mm wastegates, 3" exhaust, id1050x injector dynamics new style injectors 255 lift pump walbro, twin 044 bosch pumps, an8 feed into an6 split, dual feed rail and an6 return to turbosmart frp abc bmw gearbox conversion using a tilton twin plate clutch and a 330d gearbox with a stock Nissan 3.6 welded diff link g4 ecu xtreme silver (older model), link intake air temp sensor, few more bits to list and i'll update it later as I go for the moment I'd like to know if I can use my wideband to control closed loop cruising? as I am going to have my aem uego gauge 0-5v output fire into the ecu so It will have a wideband input
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