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  1. Thank you for the quick response. I will update this as I make progress. Jason
  2. I finally got the ecu to connect and was able to save the current settings! Hopefully I'm in business. I've attached a file. Now, is there a way to tell what the Aux 1 is supposed to be connected to? Also, how do I log the settings I will need to set up when I upgrade the firmware? Queen RZR map.pcl
  3. Thanks for the replies. Downloading the VTS 4.10.2 from the Vi-Pec website and updating the drivers I have it connecting. Now I'm confused about the Vi-Pec vs. G4. Can one of you please educate me on the differences? Thanks.
  4. I've been trying for a week to get my computer to connect with the V44 and I'm having no luck. Can someone please help?
  5. I downloaded V4.10.2 on 2 different computers and I can't get it to connect. First I installed it on an older laptop running Windows Vista that I use for tuning. Every time I plugged the usb cable in I got a driver error. I finally gave up on that and loaded it on my desktop running Windows 10. But when I try to connect to it all I get is "unable to connect". Any advice? Thanks, Jason
  6. Simon, Thank you for the response. I'm sorry it took me so long to get back. I work a lot and don't get much free time on the computer. Here is a picture of the wire in question. Given the characteristics of the wire, I would expect it to be some kind of 12V power, but since I did not splice it in I can't make any assumptions. I'm also including where the wire corresponds to the V44. When I update the firmware, are there any things that I need to pay attention to that might get changed in the update? Things like preferences, settings, etc. Also, can I just update to the latest without going through each revision? Thanks, Jason
  7. Hello, I'm new to the forum, but not to tuning. Over the years I have owned a pretty wild 1995 Eclipse GSX running DSMLink / ECULink pretty much from the beginning, multiple BMWs running JB4, and a few GMs running HPTuners. Now I'm trying to get my Polaris RZR up and running with the ViPEC. Background: I bought a wrecked Wasteland RZR to swap the drivetrain into my 800 RZR-S. The wrecked one I bought has a Weber 750 turbo motor. The previous owner had bought the ViPEC V44 with a custom tune from Queen Racing, but wrecked the buggy before getting it installed. Due to life, everything has been sitting in the corner of my shop for 4 years. Now I finally have time to work on it. Here is my dilemma, I am a complete newb to the ViPEC and I know there have been a lot of firmware updates over the years that my unit has been sitting. I don't even know what version mine was programmed with. Furthermore, there is one wire in the harness that I can't figure out. According to the manual w/ the ecu, it is AUX 1. I am hoping to power up the ecu on the bench, create a backup of the tune, and find out what this wire should go to. Can someone hold my hand on this and give me some direction as to how I should proceed? Thanks, Jason
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