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  1. Hi All I'm in the process of setting up closed loop boost control and I've read on he forum that you need to set the Waste gate DC on the boost solenoid to 100% in open loop to determine the maximum boost pressure that can be achieve and then progressively build up your target boost pressure table and waste gate DC to achieve the boost pressure. Yesterday I set the DC on the solenoid to 100% and the boost pressure achieved was 170 KPa absolute. This is fine as I can adjust the setup to achieve the 200KPa target I'm looking to achieve. My query is however that with the DC set to 20% I can achieve a higher boost pressure than at 100% which doesn't make sense as the maximum boost pressure that should be achieved is at a DC of 100% - Correct? Can someone please provide some clarity on this. Ive attached a log of both a 20% DC run and a 100% DC run for viewing. Logs.rar
  2. HI Ducie54 Thanks for the previous info. Slowly but surely making progress with the map. Unfortunately been away so haven't spent as much time as I would have liked. I need some advice on the cam activation. Can you give me a general guideline as to when you bring them in. I currently had the intake set to come in at 4500 rpm, 50% TPS and MAP 140KPa. (Haven't actually got to this so never had the cams switch before.) I haven't much thought about the exhaust although i set in a similar fashion just at a higher RPM of 7000. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Attached you can find a copy of the map. As mentioned it is very basic as I'm just running the engine in. It is a S14 SR20 DET sub-assembly with the SR20VE P11 oil pump and head. -Running pump fuel in South Africa (95 octane) with 950 cc bosch ev14 injectors. -Turbo is a garrett gt2860. Wanting to run 1 bar boost -SR20DET 8.5:1 CP pistons with Brian crower rods - Compression ratio is 9.22:1 -Standard P11 Sr20ve cams -Car is intended for street use with the future goal to be track use. If you can give input on turbo waste gate actuation etc. it would also be appreciated. If you need any more detail let me know. Map 06.11.2017-2nd drive.pcl
  4. Hi Gents. Does anyone have a sr20vet ignition map that they would be willing to share as reference. Currently I've pulled the ignition timing back during the run in phase but any help would be appreciated.
  5. Hi Yesterday and again today we setup the base timing for a nissan SR20VET. Base timing was set to 10 degrees and the offest to match this on the timing light was -17 degrees. Trying to start it here is unsuccessful. It is sparking but back firing out the exhaust. We adjusted to -40 degrees and seems to closer to starting however it it will not start. The fuel has been reduced by 66% as the injectors are 3 x larger than the stock injectors. Attached is the base map we are trying to use with it set back to the -100 degree offset. Any advice would be appreciated. Start up map 30.10.2017 with mixture map reduced fuel.pcl
  6. Hi Adam Changed the dual ECU setting and the issue was resolved.
  7. Hi Adam I will try this and revert back. I'll have to search a seperate thread then for creating two seperate MAP's for boost as I thought this would be the way to do it.
  8. Hi Adam Thanks for the response. I think the ignition outputs are assigned correctly. I used a S14-S15 base map were I have reassigned auxillaries but I haven't reassigned any ignition drives. I have attached the start up map that you can have a look through. There are a few other questions that I will post in seperate threads as I have a few other queries as well regarding the setup. Start up map 23.10.2017.pcl
  9. Hi Gents I recently purchased a Link G4 storm ECU and am in the process of wiring it all up. I have hit a stubbling block that hopefully one of you can help me with. I have a set of AEM 30-2853 coils wired in an upon trying to test the ignition there is no spark or pulsing of the coils. The wiring has been done as follows: Pin A - Coil trigger from the ECU Pin B - Sensor ground Pin C - Ground to the head Pin D -Battery negative Pin E - Switched 12V from a relay The output from the ECU (A) seems to be 6V when ignition on and rises to 12V when testing through PC link. Has anyone had a similar issue to this previously?
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