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    r32 neo25 g4 high idle

    hey thank you for your reply! i was actually about to edit the post and put the tps was at 2.4% and answered my own question i think cleaned it up seems ok now its back to 0% seems ok for now. . . There is a idle control valve on the manifold but it is unplugged and blocked off. (i don't know why im sure you don't need to hear the bad luck dramas iv been through with shops)
  2. Hey hope doing the right thing here as i live in a very isolated area least 1000kms away from a tuner. i drove the car 2000km here and have been driving it around for a few weeks no issues idled at 1000rpm <> Issue is high idle I first notice it only after driving not on first start up I did flog the ringer out of her on the way 1,2,3,4 limiter basting but was only AFTER i slowed to an idle to park FYI 2000rom A/C off 1200 A/C on My a/c is wired in with a toggle switch for the compressor apparently my climate control unit would not earth. i can see the a/c request coming on and off same with the clutch off the toggle if that's any help. i have attached a copy of my tune. skyline neo 25 G4 tune high idle.pcl
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