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  1. I will check and see if I can change the voltage it is outputting. I currently have the input errors set up just like you said and it throws an error because it is over 5 volts. Link wont let me set the high error above 5.
  2. Hi, I have an odd issue with wideband voltage being high. Im trying to find out if this is normal or if I need to contact Innovate. Its a Innovate DLG-1 set-up With the sensors in free air one reads 5 volts and the other reads 5.07 volts. This throws an error code in the ecu obviously.
  3. Having the new sensor wire pinned into the original knock sensor pin wont be a problem correct? The link knock sensor for sure needs a ground?
  4. It doesnt look modified to me but it does seem odd. I would be willing to just give it a try except that I can only access the knock sensor with the motor out of the car or pulling off all of the intake manifold/ timing. So I want to be 100% sure. I just did a bit of digging to make sure my harness wasnt modified or damaged and it does appear that it is not. They are all this way with only one terminal in the plug.
  5. I am using a G4+ on a 1990 nissan 300zx with a vg30dett. I purchase a Link brand knock sensor to use rather then the factory one. My factory knock sensors harness plugs right into the link knock sensor so I am trying to see if it can be used this way without any wiring changes. Here is my issue/ concern though. The factory knock sensor is a "2 wire" sensor. however the harness is only pinned with one wire. The other pin is blank. The harness has two wires in it but the other wire looks like it is used for shielding. Can the link knock sensor function this way or will I need to run a ground wire to it or possibly all new wiring all together. Pictures of knock sensors next to each other and factory harness for reference.
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