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  1. Hey Guys Yes it is a Direct INjection car which is why I am looking for a base map to help with HPFP settings. Adam the CAN information is not important. This car is purely a track car that has ABS/traction control etc disabled. If I can get the information for the HPFP and Trigger signals I can work from there
  2. surely someone would have played around with one of these before??
  3. Hi Does anyone have a base map to suit 2008 Mazda MPS 2.3Lturbo FWD (the hatch mps) Cheers, Adam
  4. you are a wealth of knowledge. I guess the hardest part about all of this is trying to work out exactly what the ABS module needs in order to stop throwing fault codes so the s drive system will work... I'm hoping I don't run out of transmit/receive channels trying to complete this. Is it possible to hook both can 1 and can 2 up on the ECU to the same can network? or no because they both have TR's in them?
  5. So... the quest to get these subarus going is continuing. I am using a Unichip as a Can Sniffer to retrieve this information... The first drama I had is that Link uses decimal and subaru can system is hex... so a quick google conversion got me up and running. So far I've managed to get the coolant temp gauge working. I've managed to collect vehicle speed from the ABS module and steering angle sensor... My next project is to get the "S" drive system working on the sti... the next drama i have is that there appears to be either accel pedal or tps info on 3 different can id's that get transmitted from the factory ecu. Does anyone have any further information on subaru can and TPS? the wordpress website for can information is no longer working
  6. Hi, 2008 WRX JF1GHEKD38G018136 2008 WRX STI JF1GRFKH38G018895
  7. Thank you very much for the feedback! Both of these cars are v2007. If anyone can chime on on ABS information I would be forever grateful.
  8. Hi Everyone, I have 2 x WRX 2008 models here one is an sti and the other a normal wrx. I have used the wrxv107+ ecu. Both cars have the same 2 issues. ABS light on the dash that I can't get rid of and coolant temp gauges rear maxed out on the factory dash. I have attached the O.e wiring information. It looks like the temp senders feed information directly to the dash so I don't understand why they are both having coolant temp gauge issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Even if you have wired in extremes or thunders into these later models cars and can shed some information that would be awesome. Cheers, Adam 2008 Subaru Impreza 2.5L Non Turbo 2.pdf
  9. Hey All, I have a holden rodeo which has a z4e1 engine it running a dizzy and im struggling to get my ecu to read an rpm signal. From everything I can find the dizzy setup is the same as an RB30 setup. The car previously had a stinger ems unit wired by someone previous to me. So I wired in my Atom ecu and checked that each wire was what it said.. i.e tps signal, signal ground, ect, iat.. all of the above. I re-wired the injectors to have sequential injection. Then I got to the trigger setup.. the old stinger ecu only had 1 triger source and the car only has 1 wired into it. My understanding is that the CAS sensor is a 360 hall effect sensor, does the atom need to see both pulse and sync signals to work? or is there some magical way I can make this work without running a new wire to the cas? ps: the car has custom intake/exhaust manifolds, gtx3076 and seimens 60lbs injectors lol
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