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  1. Geo

    Fault codes Errors

    Hi Adam. thanks for your expertise. My Car used to have a ISC stepper motor that connected to throttle body. I now have a hypertune throttle body and I needed external IAC idle air control valve. I have a Bosch 3 wire and I used my exiting wire harness, 1 12v wire and 2 other wires I used positions where my stepper motor said aux 5,6 on ecu. I was wondering do I configure the IAC as a Solenoid or a stepper motor on PC link? I attached picture of IAC. Thanks
  2. Geo

    Fault codes Errors

    If I use some thing like this? Use 87 to ECU pin 65, 86 to fan switch?
  3. Geo

    Fault codes Errors

    Thanks Adam. That worked. I got another question. My fan setup on my car doesnt seem to work so I was thinking could I wire out my fan switch that is in my rad to my Ac clutch output and change it to fan on software? The switch is a thermo switch and it has a relay. Could i just wire it straight to ECU to AC clutch relay output and do I have to use a relay? I attached a pic of my fan switch. It is 2 wire ground and 12v
  4. Geo

    Fault codes Errors

    Hello. I am getting these errors on my 1990 eagle talon/mitsibishi eclipse on my GR+ VR4 ECU and I can not figure out what they are for. The position are off and I dont know if they are suppose to be on or what they connect to? [6:47:24 PM] ECU Fault Code 31: An Volt 8 above Error High value [6:47:11 PM] ECU Fault Code 28: An Volt 7 above Error High value [6:47:00 PM] ECU Fault Code 26: An Volt 6 below Error Low value [6:46:59 PM] ECU Fault Code 20: An Volt 4 below Error Low value
  5. Geo

    G4+ VR4link

    Hello. I just purchased link VR4 ecu, link ethanol content sensor and XS loom. Can I wire the ECS to the XS loom? Do I connect all three wires to xs loom or just the input and connect ground and power to ecu? Sorry I am a noob.
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