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  1. Hi guys, new to the forum so hi! Anyways, so i compete in the British Drift Championship and i drive the Midnight Motorsport ER34 Skyline. It's the off season now and i am currently trying to set up a tablet layout to replace the standard clocks in the car. I've seen recently this has become a very popular thing to do but i have a few questions regarding this. So first things first, i designed the layout on a desktop Pc then emailed the layout to myself in order to open it on the tablet. However when i opened it, it is far too large for the screen of the tablet... so... is there a way of simply scaling the layout down to be able to fit the screen? secondly i'm trying to figure out a way of getting the tablet to charge in the car as well as run data from the ecu as the tablet only has one mini usb port. Any ideas? On the Link G4 is there a way of changing means of measurement? For Eg. The gauge i have uploaded reads in Kpa and i would like to convert this to Bar or Psi ideally And lastly Would you know if there's a way of setting the tablet up to power up with the Ignition (external power) and start up on the link software to save me having to load everything up every time. I'm using a windows connect 8.9" tablet running Windows 10. Any help would be massively appreciated
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