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  1. Hey I'm currently sorting the wires of my 4 port boost solenoid to hook the solenoid up I've got a link g4+ plug and play civic 92 to 95 I have one wire going to the aux 8 of the expansion harness does anyone know if I can use any of the other expansion wires for a 12v switched source or where I can tap the other boost solenoid wire into and what colour the wire would be my car is a obd2 dc2 type r 96 spec (in using a conversion harness to run the ecu from obd2 to obd1)
  2. Okay thankyou sorry I haven't replied sooner lost my password and just recovered it Okay so for my coil on plug setup I am running the middle wire as ground to the dizzy bolt as I've been told that's the best place for it Next I've run ignition wires on the 3rd pin to the ecu as shown in diagram ive noticed that a10 and a14 on ecu loom plug are blank so I need to put pins in there am i correct? and wire it to my ignition loom wires for cylinder 1 2 3 and 4 in the correct firing order Next I've made the 12v wire from each coil on the last pin I've used a pinout diagram to ensure I've got the wires connected to the right pins now what I'm confused on is wiring this part its gotta be to a switched 12v source ive seen that the obd1 B series dizzy plug that runs 2 wires one for rpm and the other is for ignition output do I leave this plugged in and just patch my wiring into it for 12v switched source and can I connect rpm and ign output togeather with the 12v wiring from coils or do I connect 12v switch source to rpm wire and the ignition output to the ignition output wires for the coils? This is the main part I'm stuck on
  3. Hi I am currently setting up my coil on plug setup in my integra how do u wire the coils to the dizzy I'm using k series coils and the factory dizzy for cam and crank sensors any help would be much appreciated
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