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  1. Best way to add extra injector(s)?

    Yes currently true semi sequential . Have not started it like this, but that's how I had it wired previously. Thanks for the advice, I may look at doing that. Yea the iat was never accurate as before all the fuel was on top of the blower
  2. Best way to add extra injector(s)?

    Great thanks for that!
  3. Best way to add extra injector(s)?

    Thanks, yea I just thought adding a couple of injectors also running off the main fuel rail, so essentially running 10 injectors instead of 8, so they will add to the overall map. I also intend to add water/meth as well, but would prefer some fuel going through all the time.
  4. Best way to add extra injector(s)?

    I have a 6/71 blower with 8 port injectors running as semi sequential (only have an atom with 4 drives). I want to add 1 or two injectors above the blower to help cool it. Is my best option just splice into 1 or 2 of the port injectors? Thanks
  5. Leans out when not moving on fuel map

    quick question someone may be able to answer, at idle it sits around -40kpa on the fuel table, someone thought this was really low vacuum? Mechanical gauge shows around 12" vacuum. Bear in mind cam has overlap. cheers
  6. Leans out when not moving on fuel map

    I thought you might. It's only a half hour job to set carbs up on it, so I may just do that tonight to eliminate the ignition side etc since time is not on my side
  7. Leans out when not moving on fuel map

    Funny you ask that, its connected, but just hanging in the engine bay so sees some high temps, however I am sure it is currently disabled towards fuelling etc
  8. Leans out when not moving on fuel map

    Hi guys, can anyone offer any solutions to this? link Atom, LS1, 8 injectors on top of 6/71 blower, waste spark, semi sequential paired injectors. Cam have some overlap (not ideal for blower but sounds great) Have had a couple of tuners look at it, but its doing something really weird. Starts, run, idles. We start to tune the table then (seems to be as it gets hotter) the AFR leans right out (22:1), runs rough and stalls. It will start again, then a few moments later will do the same thing. When it does this it hasn't moved from its box on the fuel table. Fuel pressure remains constant (42psi) throughout. It seems this EFI on the roots blower might take some time to sort properly, so I may chuck a couple of carbs on tonight to get it ready for a holiday and revisit the EFI when I have more time. Any quick ideas?
  9. misfire/spark problem

    Well it's going now, what I thought was an over rich mixture was severly lean, and ruined plugs. New plugs and 25% more fuel and it's running great again, well until a proper tune. Can't believe it was so simple
  10. misfire/spark problem

    Im still getting trigger errors when cranking so I'm guessing its one of the listed problems like sheilding, grounding etc. As the Atom does not support scope for the triggers I may have to drag it into a shop to get checked out
  11. misfire/spark problem

    Update.... New cam sensor in and nope that didn't fix it. Still trys to catch starting and exhaust backfires
  12. misfire/spark problem

    Jeez I hope its the same. Cam sensor here tomorrow so will chuck it together and see how it goes. Might just have to chuck a distributor and carbs in it instead!
  13. misfire/spark problem

    Yes changed the cam and never rechecked offset etc. Just in buying a new cam sensor now, might as well so I don't have to remove blower and intake again. I just "assumed" the sync would all be identical
  14. misfire/spark problem

    unfortunately no, but the trigger error counter started increasing the last time I tried to start it. Half way through blower removal now, so will replace cam sensor and see how it goes.
  15. misfire/spark problem

    back again..... so the engine was very sludgy inside (previous owner!) so I thought that possibly the cam sensor was sludged up. Just tried to remove it to clean, and the makers of the blower intake obviously dont take this into consideration. it will only come half out before fouling on the intake manifold. I chucked it back in and just tried to start the car again, after fiddling with the cam sensor now it wont start at all, nearly catches but wont, and nearly blew the exhaust to bits with the backfires it was doing..........so Im guessing I have a crook cam sensor? Anyway, by the time someone replies I will have the blower and intake apart and off so I can get to the cam sensor for replacement.