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  1. Alec

    TPS tuning

    Jumped off MAP Sensor 5v and still same error. Only have 2 wire's left. black green and brown black
  2. Alec

    TPS tuning

    3i is meant to be 5v power from TPS which is Brown white wire but it's green yellow on computer. Going to jump it from MAP Sensor 5v
  3. Alec

    TPS tuning

    I put digital volt metre on green and red wire with volt metre set on continuity and it should have beeped if correct but it didn't and i got a reading of 69 on meter. I got no reading at computer end. I've replaced wire but no results. Brown white wire from TPS I thought was 5v and I replaced that but now have the same error plus a new error AN V3 - MAP Sensor input at 0v/Gnd So obviously I've got the wrong Brown white wire as map has one to. I'll correct that now. That's now corrected. About to replace TPS Brown white wire.
  4. Alec

    TPS tuning

    Ok checked that and DMM didn't go off at TPS end (69) and got absolutely nothing at computer end. Doing it myself so not sure if I got a connection at computer end but definitely did at TPS end. So replace this wire then?
  5. Alec

    TPS tuning

    Great thanks for that. I have a fault AN V1 - TPS (MAIN) Input at 0V/Gnd. I replaced TPS sensor and hasn't made a difference. I'm at the point of thinking I need to rewire it. Does the code point to a specific wire to replace or do them all. I've traced them all back to computer. Full, narrow and 5v into the same plug and ground goes into big plug. Your help is much appreciated. Am I on right track?
  6. Alec

    TPS tuning

    Hi. I am about to install a new TPS and need to tune it. What exactly should I be doing? The car is a fd3s rx7. I know the volt settings for closed and open throttle. Is there something else i should do with the computer through the laptop?
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