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  1. Hi All Hope you clever people can help. This is my first time setting up vipec I can not get this motor to run. Tried for days now!!!! Spec as follow ECU - Vipec V88 Motor - Ford Duratec / ST170 / SVT with the VCT on the inlet cam with Turbo Ignition - Beru ZS041 coil on plugs. All info I have on them. ECU Mode is direct spark. Done tests, they click Injectors - Deatschwerks Bosch injectors. Dead times as per spec given. ECU Mode is Sequential. Done tests, they click Triggers - Brand new reluctor Ford sensors. Checked wires for wrong way around. 100% confident they are correct. On trigger setup up I selected the Duratec VCT setup. Get steady rpm on cranking. Trigger 1 and 2 both get signal as they go Yes. Trigger 2 picks up 90% of the time, even when checking under vvt in runtime values. Sometimes it says "error: 2nd cam pulse" on trigger 2. Comes and goes. The cam has 5 teeth. 4 equal with one in between them. Almost like 8 - 3 teeth. Calibrated trigger. Get perfect reading on TDC. Sometimes the cam is in exhaust stroke and sometimes in compression stroke??? Dont know what to do, please help. Attached is the map file ASetup090819.pcl
  2. Hi All Has any one connected a Holley Digital dash to V88? The dash supports CAN, but they say to only their own EFI, can this be? The dash can support I/O inputs, can the V88 provide? They say the following in their manual Custom 5v can be configured for any sensor that outputs a 0-5v signal Name = The name displayed in your gauge channel selection Type = Type of sensor (RPM, MAT, CTS, Custom 5v, Custom Ohms, SW to 12v, SW to GND) I have attached their manual Thanks 199r11021.pdf
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