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  1. Hi there guys. i managed to load and try out both of those maps over the weekend, the difference between them is quite a lot! the one that Adam supplied has a noticeably better mid to top end performance but the low end is quite poor with a lot of popping and spluttering under load up to about 2500 rpm, easing off on the throttle helped a bit. Also a bit of blow back through the carbs at high revs and the throttle shut. May be good on track days though! the other map seems much more tractable at low speed, but the mid to top end is definitely no where near as good. i think the carb set up is about right, but as there is no one within 150km that has a clue how to set them up I guess I'll just have to make do. I have balanced them with the snail type manometer and the plug chop looks ok. i tried to do a blend of both maps by using the mid to high part of Adams map and the low end of the other one but as I'm a noob and don't want to damage anything I thought I best get some feedback from you guys first. Cheers
  2. Hi there Adam, cj. Well, that is a little different from the table generated by the ECU! I'll try to get both of the maps loaded and tested over the weekend and let you know the results. nice to know i may be running the same ignition map as a 911 lol
  3. heres the ignition table. it looks a bit odd to me!
  4. Hi cj thanks for the info there, I think I understand what you are saying. I'll have a go at setting it up this evening and post the table for you to have a look at cheers
  5. Hi I know it's taken a while, but I have got a TPS for the weber carbs and am in the process of setting them up. You will have to make allowances for my lack of understanding !!! From the research I have done, and please correct me if I'm wrong, the function of the TPS as fitted to my particular setup is pretty much the same as that of an old vacuum advance system, that is, that whenever the throttle is in the closed position there is maximum vacuum and therefore maximum vacuum advance, around 13 to 15 degrees plus the static, in this case 10 degrees, plus the programmed (or centrifugal weights) advance. So at idle the advance would be 10 + 15 = 25° and a closed throttle at max revs would be 10 + 15 + 17 = 42° (27° is the max advance I have) 42 seems a bit excessive as I don't have a knock sensor, or does this not matter as there would be minimal fuel entering the cylinders? As soon as the the throttle is opened the manifold vacuum dies away and we are back to the static plus programmed advance. I have set up the voltages from the TPS to the ECU but not set up any ignition maps. Also it is my intention to have the idle speed controlled by the ECU, would this be a case for using a 4d table Bearing all this in mind, does anyone have any maps, insights, helpful comments? Cheers
  6. H there AdamW Hmmmm seems not all computers are created equally (especially mine), I had to down load the file on my mac, put it on a stick and load the windoz machine from the stick. There was some sort of file error occuring when I loaded it from windoz, I'll look into it so its not a problem in the future. So with the correct file installed to the ECU and the trigger offset set to -23 deg it ran like a dream, I cant thank you enough for your help and guidance in setting this up, cheers mate!! Cheers
  7. hi AdamW Sorry about the delay in replying. I've loaded that configuration but i don't see that table, should i enter it manually? cheers
  8. Hi AdamW Ok that seemed to work, now its firing at 10 Deg BTDC by the timing light. I did notice that as the revs increased, the advance only went to about 15\20 deg is that right? or do I have some thing else wrong? Also do you know of someone up here in Whangarei that can do tuning link and weber as i think the carbs may be causing the uneven running? Cheers
  9. Hi there Adamw Again, thanks for your help. I have made the wiring alterations as you suggested and configured the ECU as best as I am able at this stage of learning The engine started first time and now runs smoothish, however when I tried to set the timing to 10 deg btdc i found that it was running at about 30+. Trying to change this resulted in no 1 & no 4 cylinder no longer firing, as indicated by the timing light. I adjusted the trigger levels down and it now seems to be firing ok but i am still reading about 30 deg btdc with the timing light. I have attached the PCIR file, could you take a look at it please. I am only using the atom for ignition at present. Cheers nudge1.pclr
  10. Hi AdamW Thanks for the information, I've now wired it up as you say, checked it all at least 10 times, flicked the switch and was rewarded by a glowing blue light. Entered my ECU pass word and it all looks good. I'll start the configuration tomorrow. i actually managed to find the web con site today and it does look promising. A simple kit and voilà 3D mapping, a winter project I think. thanks
  11. Hi there Adamw Thanks for taking the time to have a look at the diagram. I'll change the drawings to reflect the changes and install accordingly just a couple of other questions. The other ground cables on the ECU, do they have to go to the engine or would a good ground elsewhere be ok? The other thing I was a bit concerned about was the primary coil resistance, it's 3 ohms, I know this will effect the current flow and thus the output of the coil, but will it have a detrimental effect on the ECU or igniter? i do intend to use as many of the ECU functions as I can, but this will require a bit of a rewrite so it will have to wait until winter. cheers Dan Hi there CamB The idea sounds intriguing, and I did a little research, it can be done ( a MAP sensor that is ) how successful it is I don't know but I will look into it. The throttle position may be a better, read simpler, way to do it. Either way it will have to wait till winter. I'll let you know how it goes. cheers Dan
  12. Hi all, I'm running a 3s-ge in a Fraser Clubman. The original ignition system failed and I decided take the opportunity to upgrade to an Atom. I only need it for ignition functions at the moment as fuel requirements are taken care of by a pair of Webers. Also I will be able to add functions at a later date. From the info I have been able to gather, I have drawn what I believe to be the correct wiring diagram, see attached image, if some one with any knowledge of the correct way to connect it all up could comment, that would be great.
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