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  1. Hi.. Its a early import.. on a 52 plate but seems to be a basic jdm.. Came with 17s and jdm brakes.. does this help or do i need to get more detail??
  2. Smifee

    Setting triggers up..

    Just going threw set-up of triggers and the crank is firing on no1 cylinder at about 10 degree after top dead centre not before.. Is it usual for this much difference and to have to set the ignition for this much.. Have just removed the gearbox to confirm allignment of the flywheel and thats correct... Nissan 350z g4+ plug and play ecu... cheers mike
  3. ok cool cheers... Where does it saythat in notes?? The bookthat comes with the ecu?? Mine only listed upto volt 11...
  4. Hi just recieved my new link g4+350z ecu.. Gone threw setup.. Unlocked.. And flagging fault codes already... Gonna see a lot of questions from me i guess as i learn the ecu and software.. Fault codes flagging.. codes 10, 101, 29.. says volt 1 and 12 above expected voltage and volt 7 below.. Cars battery is on charge on a diagnostics charge/starter system... volt 1 is cruise control?? volt 12 is not listed as a pin on ecu out?? Volt 7 is aircon which isnt connected as yet so can guess thats why its flagged.. What should i check for volt 12?? Where should i look for help?? Cheers Mike..
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