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  1. Problem solved, Since it's my first experience with a link ecu i have overlooked the cam sync pulse.. Thanks for the quick support Adam!
  2. Hello , My first (and maybe stupid) question on this forum: I have a engine strapped on the engine dyno from which i struggle to get a starting rpm during cranking. The concerning setup has a custom trigger setup (60-2 / reluctive / air gap 0.9mm) and is controlled by a Link xtreme ecu (program attached: 3s-gte). Already tried a few options: -Triggerscope is getting signal(also attached: Trigger_1) -Polarity swap of the reluctor sensor. -Setting arming treshold at different values (included it's minimum value of 0.2) -Setting different values for filtering Normally i would swap over to a hall sensor but since the wire loom is already twisted and tucked in raychem this isn't one of my options... Can anyone tell me if i'm missing something? Trigger_1.llg 3S-GTE.pclr
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