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  1. As mentioned above, VVT offset does not seem to be related to the cause of the error. When use offset 720deg, displayed cam position zero that VVT controled off.
  2. Currently, A and B are connected in parallel.(piggyback) Even in this state, is it necessary to set trig1/2 pullup on?
  3. on my car(NCEC LE-VE) ,the condition under which symptoms appear is about 10deg or more advance cam angle. About Trig2 waveform, I write it in this article.
  4. Hi. Is the problem a symptom like a movie? I am troubled with this symptom. Is Trig2 waveform changed in idlespeed and about 3000rpm?
  5. I did not think the signal was inverted. Immediately, try to change trig1/2 edge rising and resetting trigger offset. As a result, It seems that the Ignition signal does not appear normally. Is there a function to check the Ignition signal in PClink like triggerscope?
  6. Mr.Adamw Thank you for taking the time to this problem. Currently, trig1 and trig2 connection method is piggyback that also one of the causes of trouble?
  7. I tried it several times and get cam angle value #1 to 6. After that input value to VVT offset. but,trig1 error did not improve. later,I’ll retry to cam test. First of all, is the connection part of trig2 input was wrong…?
  8. Reason for occurrence of trig1 error, The phases of trig1 and trig2 are shifted by Advance angle of cam?
  9. hallo all. I got a triggerscope at 3000rpm. attached triggerscope log and rev1000 to 7000 rpm log data. thanks. Trigger Scope Log 2018-07-7 9;32;37 am_3000rpm.llg MX-5_NCEC non VVT control.llg
  10. trigger 1 calibration is this item,isn't it? after trig1 edge set to rising,and change few degrees both directions. but engine rev count is not stable .
  11. Thanks for your reply. after get another triggerscope waveform at 3000rpm, I'll post here. thanks a lot.
  12. Hallo all. try to change Trig1 edge fall to rise.but soon engine was stalled out. Even if it does not stall, engine rev count is not stable . and, try the camtest again and set the obtained 6 offset value in the trig2 offset . but,trig1 error did not improve . I will attach a log when an error occurs. thanks. Log 2018-07-5 2;28;11 pm.llg
  13. Thank You for tip! I'll I change trigger1 edge falling to rising. I will report when the result comes out.
  14. Thanks for your reply. I did not get triggerscope log data.but,There is an image in the idling state. I Try to get that this weekend. Please point out if there is a part where the setting is incorrect. G4+ Xtreme _mx-5_NCEC10.pclr
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