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  1. Rev limiter quit working

    Okay I appreciate you taking the time to look into it. I'll log next time and post it up if it happens again
  2. Rev limiter quit working

    I didn't log it. Yeah this map was after I raised it to 8500, didn't make any other changes. I can't think of anything either. Is there any way to try to replicate it happening with a simulator or something? I'm worried about it happening again.
  3. Rev limiter quit working

    Hi, I run a Link G4+ Storm on my 2JZ vvti. I was at a drift event yesterday and I was riding on the limiter for about 10 seconds straight when the limiter quit working and it revved out. For the rest of the lap the limiter was gone and it would rev as high as I wanted to let it. The limiter is set at 8000 with a 500 rpm range and it's always settled nicely right around 7700 until yesterday. It's an ignition cut limit and injector duty cycle never got above 89%. When I got back to the pits I opened PClink and max rpm logged was over 8500. RPM limit active was on and red in the software just idling. I restarted the car and it went back to normal. I raised the limiter to 8500 for the rest of the day and didn't have any more problems. Any ideas on what could have went wrong? I'll attach my tune. Jake_tune_1.pclr