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  1. Hello I am looking for a number or link to , hopefully , a bulkhead connector the matches the ecu plug . Long version , I wired in an atom 2 into a friends offroad vehicle a while ago and all was well right up until he cut it up and made a tube chassis and moved things around . Now he wants to relocate the ecu , grrr . While its probably not the best to have a join in the wires , the best way I can think to do this is to get a bulkhead connector and connect it to a new ecu loom , this will give a me a small extension so to speak and actually be rather convenient place for a bulkhead connector . Does anyone know if the ecu plug has a match like this . From my initial google it seems it may be part of the amp superseal series , but I dont what to order one to find out its not correct in some way or the keying is off . Thanks Chris
  2. Well I had a look at the car last night , the fuel pump relay was faulty . Odd as that is what the owner said was replaced and as I said not done how I would have liked . You dont leave an aftermarket relay with bare terminals pushed on the ends floating around in a factory relay box . Anyway still no go (well maybe) so after verifying the pump worked when the pin in the ecu connector was earthed I pulled the ecu out . Looking at the header joints as suggested above , it appeared the fuel pump connection was cracked , I would have missed it had I not been specifically looking . I could have been looking for a fault that was not there but given the pump issues and only the pump connection looked bad I decided to resolder the connection . The rest of it looked good , I found a date on a sticker inside , something 2004 , so reasonably old . Put the thing back in the car and it still did not go , then I remembered the kill switch and it was away . So now I am doubting my self and did I turn it on after fixing the pump relay . Reasonably sure I did but ... So thanks for the info , its great to be able to get a little help with these old units . It means the guy can carry on racing the little car for a few more years before an upgrade . So now to go and find a wiring/pin out for a G3 , a mate pulled a 1600 turbo out of a car with the ecu to put in his 4x4 . If I am ever going to get it out of my shed I had better get it running . Thanks Chris
  3. Hello I am yet to check the car myself and I learnt a while ago to always take what is said with a grain of salt etc . However the guy says the car runs fine when they hot wire the fuel pump . I have checked and they are hot wiring the pump back at the pump , not as I would have say across the relay . This just means I have to back track all that wiring and check it out . He advises someone has already done that and replaced the relay , hmm , theirs that grain of salt again as I do not think a professional auto sparky would wire in the relay the way it is . They have smashed out the back of the factory fuse/relay box and poked an aftermarket relay in there , bare terminals just individually pushed on to the relay pins . I am not a professional auto sparky either for the record . When looking at the relay I noted 3 factory wires and 2 addon's , yes 5 wires on the relay odd . After reading the lemv4 manual it says the fuel pump wire is purple and one of the add on wires is purple , so atleast I am on the right track . The car only got dropped in my lap last night and I am going away for a few days this afternoon so once I am back I will check out the wiring side first and if it checks out look into the ecu and what can be done . Thanks Chris
  4. Hello Usual story , a mate dropped a car off saying the fuel pump does not work anymore . Says its been iffy for a while now but now dead . Had the wiring checked and been told its the ecu . I am not familiar with link ecus . The sticker on the outside of his says "Link Reluctor , D42V2 , 220704" . If I was to guess , from another post I read here , this is a g1 link and next guess is its ignition trigger is a reluctor . I will go and check all the wiring for myself first but I was just trying to get an idea on what the ecu can do . Wondered if the fuel pump output was iffy could it be swapped to another output . This does not look possible , again a guess as another post said to read the lemv4 manual . Is a fuel pump output a common failure ? If it is crock is it worth getting the ecu looked at , if so where ? Thanks Chris
  5. Hmm , well now don't I feel stupid . Many thanks . I will try it on the car this evening but it work on pc link on the work computer here pressing enter . Cheers Chris
  6. Trigger setup is set to Multitooth , priority trig one and rpm 1-default . Trigger one set to optical/hall , was set to crank , and 8 tooth count . Changing this to Cam in PC link not connected to the ecu still does not enable trigger offset for me . I am not sure how/if I need to disable trigger two , the single "cam" trigger and in effect its not used at this stage . I was hoping having it there would not be an issue , I expect its not when its set up correctly . I will go and read some more and see if I can work out what I have done . Thanks Chris
  7. Hello Second question . Atom ecu running chev v8 with a holley dual sensor distributor . The distributor has two hall effect sensors in it , one an 8 tooth crank and a single tooth cam (as you guys sorted me out in my first question ) . I have wired up the two sensors as in the future my mate may want to go with wasted spark . 8 tooth to trigger one and trig 1 is set as priority . As it is using the distributor I set the ignition mode to distributor . When I go to set the trigger offset , it and the reference timing seem to be locked out . Is this because I have selected distributor mode and in theory I need to set the distributor trigger to the reference timing ? If not why is this locked out ? The popup window comes up and I can enter a value for reference timing and trigger offset but they do not stay in the settings when I close the window . The issue is the holley distributor is expected to be set to trigger at 50 BTDC , and the sensor is locked to the rotor cap . So I can't just rotate the distributor to get TDC or close to it as the rotor will then be out of sync with the cap . Thanks Chris
  8. Ken , I dont understand the pairing you mention . Drawing it out the link pairs each 2 but one , so many 180 deg out . The pattern you give with the firing order you say puts two the same as the link but the other two , one is next (90deg ?) and the other is 3rd after . However your pairing with the link firing order pairs each injector . Will have to sit down and work out the alt firing order , I deal with 4 cyl , I need to hands to work with 8 cyl . Thanks for the replys Cheers Chris inj pairs.pdf
  9. Ok , so I am looking at this backwards . Trig one wants to be the 8 tooth and trig 2 is the single tooth and select cam 1x . So thats easy I can wire both and only set up the 8 tooth . Great . And reading the manual again it implies using all injector drivers unless too have too many injectors . Thanks Chris
  10. Atom ecu , chevy v8 with Holley dual sensor distributor and 8 fuel injectors . Installing the atom in a friends vehicle and he still wants to run the distributor for ignition , at some stage me may go to a wasted spark setup . To run in distributor mode I understand the secondary sensor of the dist will have to go to trig one , ie the 8 tooth signal . My two issues is I would like to wire up the two sensor inputs , one is a single tooth tdc and the other the 8 tooth spark . If I use both sensors I believe the tdc trigger has to go in trig one ? Is there any way to set the ecu up to receive the tdc input and then fire the same ignition signal out ? Two reasons for this , one if he upgrades to wasted spark the wiring is already there and , two , could I then utilize the semi sequential fuel control . Tied with this for fuel control in mutli fire can it still use the 4 outputs , ie can I wire up the injectors now as per the semi sequential diagram and run multi injection with the 4 injection putputs , or under mutli will it only run 2 injection outputs . Sorry as you can tell I am not familiar with the link ecus and would like to get it future proofed for him if I can , so any input would be helpful Thanks Chris
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