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  1. I have 3 Knock sensor available.Using the oem 3sgte ST215 resonant frequency sensor and I have a GM knock sensor not installed last one is a 2 wire non-resonant knock sensor.Do I have to turn on knock mode for the link to read the 3sgte ST215 knock sensor.
  2. Can I use the oem mr2 knock sensor.If I can how can I set it up
  3. Yea it was wideband issue gauge had something burnt.Bought new wideband and the readings match and they change when I lower or raise the fuel.
  4. Having another issue AFR stays around 11 and when I lower fuel table numbers it goes straight to 19 afr. 2018-09-13 3sgte.pclr 2018-09-13 3sgte log.llg
  5. Lower the master fuel like you said and it turn on with fuel pump connected.Thank you Adamw,Simon and CJ for helping me out.I post if i have any other problem
  6. I fix the issue i had on the car but now the car is rich and it doesn't want to start with fuel pump connected.It only stays on when i prime fuel pump before turning on and disconnect the fuel pump.Could some help me with this issue.I also added log file Log 2018-08-5 8;26;39 pm.llg
  7. Thank you for the help but I did a compression test and one cylinder did not have any compression so going to fix that problem.
  8. Yes it turns on for couple seconds and then it shuts off. Stay on if i give it gas
  9. 1. Yes i removed the injector ballast resistor. 2. I switched the 4D and 5D tables off changed the main ignition table values to the ST185 ignition values. 3. Yes the cam has a single tooth and i attached trigger scope log below. 4.All four coils spark and i also re-checked the base timing with a timing light. Trigger Scope Log 2018-04-8.llg
  10. I have Link ST185 pnp ecu and i can't get my car to stay on.The mr2 has ID2000 injectors and oem 3sgte gen4 coils & trigger sensors.I changed injector dead time values to to the values injector dynamics have on their website for 43.5 fuel pressure.Wondering if any could help me i am new at this MR2 3SGTE 4-7-18.pclr Log 2018-04-7 MR2.llg
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