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  1. Yes link lem g3 as stated in first post with 1.9.2 fw thats why i asked i did not realise i could use v4.10 is that valid pclink i can use with my ecu on 1.9.2 version of the g3 lem sorry iv just read that im o ly on g3 still in terms of fw
  2. is the settings same as via pclink 3.40 i dont have trig priority thanks
  3. going from 4 wire cam sensor to 2 wire reluctor sensor whats the setup for it i know one wire is sensor ground and the other is for the ecu, but im stuck on trigger 2 wire from ecu does it play a part in the sensor. also wanting the setup info required for link lem g3 with g4 firmare as the settings are a tad diff from g4 + as stated in the setup instructions
  4. can u use the original tune file on the link lem ecu after rewiring the ecu, ie tidying up the wires and using different aux outputs and that to control the engine. is it a matter of just changing the outputs on the ecu to what u have wired it up for as the wiring is a mess have made a diagram i may also be changing the cas to a nzwiring one also
  5. Question in need of and answer it may have been covered but, with what u see in the pics i have a vr reluctor sensor and have been told i need to run wasted spark is this correct. My wiring shows i run 3x ign drives split into 6 wires running into 2x link ignitors that spark 6x bosch i dividual coils. Does this look like wasted spark. Yes the wiring is dodgey i will be removing and rewiring it. Another question how do i tell the ground and sensor signal wire apart do i use a multimeter
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