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  1. Ah.. didnt know that Ok.. then there is no question how to wire that.. i learned from experience that it is always better to keep the signalway as small as possible
  2. Hi, no i dont speak about the lag of the sensor itself.. thought the wideband must be wired directly to the ECU to function correctly... And when the signal for the wideband comes from the zeitronix box to the ECU i thought it would be laggyier that wire it in directly
  3. How does a Zeitronix ZT2 interact with the storm? do i need a second wideband for the storm or can i connect the zt2 wideband out to the in of the storm without experiencing any lag? I know that the zeitronix narrowband emulation got some lag to it and my ECU throws errors now if i use it..
  4. Thx ! Is there a possibility to get wiring Diagrams and the manual without owning a Link ECU? I want to prepare myself before spending money
  5. Ah ok, it is more like the experience with that setup.. the wiring i can see in the wiring diagram, which is good.. i hope? Whats coils work best with link storm and so... also i have a question if anyone or you could suggest me a wiring pro tipp like which connectors crimping pliers.. i really like these aerospace threaded firewallthrough connectors.. Can i wire the harness like so, that i can pull the engine with just one bajonettconnector?
  6. Ok, cool and how is the config for CoP layout and fullseq directfire? I want to use 1.8T VAG Coils cause they fit the sparkplugholes like a charm with an aluminumbracket
  7. It is a Volvo B230FT with 16v head 8.5:1CR 2316ccm 96.3 bore
  8. So.. i think im really going to buy this... Can you school me in knockcontrol and bewstcontrol? My engine got one knockdetector between cyl 1-2.. is the the need for weld a bung on the block for another knocksensor?
  9. Darn.. i can sell the DSM CAS then, cause there is another option if i only need one tooth.. thx for your information.. as Cam Sync Sensor and your explaination everythings makes sense! Thank you ! Could you recommend a Sensor to me?
  10. Hi, can you show me a setup with 60-2 on crank and 1tooth on the cam? As said.. i have a an OEM 60-2 Triggerpattern on my flywheel. Also i have an Adapter to an Eclipse DSM CAS which connects on my old Auxshaft(like camshaft) where volvo had in its 240s the ignition rotor. In that CAS is a 36-1 Dizzywheel like so.. https://yoshifab.com/store/billet-redblock-dsm-cas-adapter.html I must admit thet the Cam Sensor seems to havwe 24-0 teeth ;) whoopsie.. but it also has only one tooth as you can see... i dont get why Link needs 60-2 and then only one wooth as CAS.. isnt it much better with a higher resolution?
  11. i have a 60-2 flywheel and a 36-2 mitsubishi eclipse dsm cas on the auxshaft.. so i cant use a 36-2 on the link for cam angle?
  12. so the ecu doesnt have the ability to wire a wideband directly to it?? i have a zeitronix wideband controller but i hoped i could sell it with the link going in the car..
  13. hi, what kind of sensors does the blue storm box support? i have genuine water oil and pressure boschsensors and a 4.9 bosch lsu
  14. hi, when using full seq fuel and ign, do i need both 60-2 cranktrigger and 36-1 cam angle sensor?
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