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  1. We get from these information from factory and they said they would give new ID messages else if this wasnt working. and really thank you for your help and interest probably as soon as possible they reach new ID and information to us and i will send new message and share new infos to you for solution. Best regards
  2. Thank you for your uptade and your help we try it but nothing has changed and not work again we suspect our message id is wrong is it possible ?
  3. sorry for misunderstanding , i attaached files thank you fiat cup.pclr fiat cup.lcs
  4. We start up engine without sp in our garage but according to covid 19 we need to work from house and now i have not basemap in our personal pc we re trying to only work SP on the desk
  5. Hi Vaughan I try ms or Ls first but nothing changed. Our vehicle is FIAT TIPO 2017 version these vehicles are preparing for cup racing project so we switched to LINK ecu.
  6. Hı Vaughan , Thank you for your answer and interest.I apply your advice step by step and im sharing images but i cant make it work.I wonder our message ID is wrong ? and Should i put 2(on) under the 21 when i put our variables 0(off) coming under the start bit 21 ? or am i entering any wrong value to multi , divide or offset ? These values are coming when power streeing automatically ? BEST REGARDS THANKS FOR YOUR HELP
  7. Hi to everyone ; Firstly thanks for your interest, I would like to ask some questions about LINK STROM G+ CAN setup about electiric power streeing. First of all im sharing our electric power streeing's can info ID , start bit etc. MESSAGE ID : 0XFC CYCLE TIME : 10MS START BIT : 21 LENGTH BIT : 2 VALUES ; 0---ENGINE OFF 1--ENGINE CRANKING 2--ENGINE ON 3--SNA According to this information we connect to ECU and CANSETUP frame so we try to reach true parameters with this ID and this infos but we always encounter some red boxes and ERORS i think these are CRC or Data Corruption ? and we cant work electiric power streeing in our ECU.Im sharing image about this problem. Which way we should follow step by step for make this elec.powerstreeing work ? BEST REGARDS THANKS FOR YOUR HELP
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