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  1. little info on the car

    vw 2.0 16 valve, dist cap and rotor, single coil, id 1000's, single webber throttle body with idle screw (air bypass), 5 bar holley map sensor, bosch ect, 3 bar fuel pressure, small turbo with awic. map and tps  calibrated many times. triggers are internal crank wheel 60-2 with single window on dist.



  2. ok So ive found other issues. After setting up everything and getting the base timing setup i can get the car to fire up and idle pretty well. ive check the timing again an made a few adjustments. ECT and MAP are all reading correct and the wideband is reading 14-15 ish. Here is the problem and its probably something stupid that im over looking. The engine starts and runs, idle is high (1600 rpms ish) it will run fine and sound really good for about 20-30 seconds and then drop out like the key was shut off. when its at 80*c it sometimes will hunt a little but still stall out. Ive looked over all the fuel settings and i dont think is a cold start map switching issue? what am i missing?  



  3. ok. After some searching i see that i can actually just wire in the haldex using AUX 5,6,7,8 and setup a table to control the output.

    If i wanted the CAN option added for a AIM dash ect. whats the cost and down time? id probably ship it out in the winter here while the rabbit is sleeping.

  4. random question but after searching im at a loss.  I see that the i44 has a can bus built in but what about the v44? i seen something about the later ones do but not sure about the one i have. Long story short can i get the V44 i have to control the audi/vw awd haldex? 



  5. ok so a little update. After using a scope i was only seeing the voltage at .5 ish max while cranking so i have to adjust the arming voltage to the min at .2.  Now ive got spark and everything working correctly.  I was able to adjust the base timing to -92 and now everything is lined up and sparking at TDC.

    I tried to do an injector test after turning the injectors back on but could never get them to fire? so i tried starting anyways just to see whats going on. The car actually tried starting and dies. After pulling the plugs and inspecting they are getting way too much fuel. Ive setup the injectors for bosch 1000H because im using ID1000 so i think im correct. Ill have to mess with fueling now and pressure to try to get this thing better setup. Any help would be great. 


  6. ok. Ive already scoped it and made sure there was a signal and that it was going the correct way. Just because ive also switched pins to make sure. Ill try bumping up the arming voltage and see if that helps.  This little project is starting to get the best of me ;)


  7. This is the same as ive got everything selected. Only thing i dont see on trigger 2 is the SYNC MODE.  That is not listed under trigger 2 however under trigger setup there is SYNC PULSE ans SYNC LEVEL. Ive tried changing them without any luck.....

    im not sure what version is on this VIPEC ecu as i have not updated anything. im sure that has nothing to do with it though. Maybe the crank wheel is damaged in a spot causing an issue. Ill check that out. ive changed sensors as well as distributors just to make sure its not something stupid.  

    Thanks again for your help to both of u.


    would it just be better to ditch the dizzy distributor and install a cam sensor with coil on plug and waste spark? i can do that too if need be/ easier/ better.


  8. i am getting trigger errors on 1 while cranking.  The RPM rate- rpm/sec lights up red and will count trigger 1 errors probably every revolution.

    coil im using is from a 95-98 vw jetta 2.0l motor. i can see the igniter under the coil.  .978 k ohms from power to signal 

    6N0905104 here is the part number.

  9. Correct the crank is a 60-2 but i think all the windows are the same size. Im running a single coil, cap and rotor style distributor . ive set the motor on TDC and commanded the coil to fire and im getting spark on #1 plug wire. im sure my issue is how to setup the ecu to use the 4 window hall sensor correctly with the 60-2 crank trigger. I need to figure out how to let the trigger #2 know where TDC  #1 is and then fire on the 3 other windows on wheel. Just for fun ive pulled out all the plug wires and installed spark plugs to all of them and cranked the motor over just to see spark. i seem to get spark on #2 and #3 than the others and hardly ever on #1. 

    thank you for your time  


    i just measured the distributor windows. They are all the same size and spacing

  10. thanks for the reply Simon. I actually figured it out late last night. The Harness that i got with the V44 was pinned wrong. the input for trig 1 and trig 2 was flipped. I swapped pins at the harness and now i have both triggers reading and switching to yes with the RPM finally reading. Now ill have to get the timing setup. I have spark at the plugs but i cant get the timing light to pick it up. I have shock proof wires so i wonder if they are too thick to read or have a low charge on the battery? Can u shoot me a quick setup on the triggers and ignition so i know i have it setup correct? i want to make sure i have the settings correct when using a 4 window hall distributor and VR crank pickup.


    thanks  Chase  

  11. im working with a v44 on a vw 16 valve. ABA bottom with a 16 valve head. Im trying to set everything up correctly. i have all the sensors wired and working but the crank trigger. im using the factory crank input VR style and the distributor hall for trigger 2. I can get trigger 2 to change from no to yes but nothing from the crank. ive changed everything i can think of and i still cant get a pickup from the crank. No rpm or change to yes. 

    Also will i get spark from only trigger 2 or does it need to see a crank input to fire the coil? ive already turned the injectors off so i wont have that issue.


    thanks   Chase 

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