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  1. Thank you Adam, Will source all those and try setting everything up. Cheers.
  2. Adam, thank you for the response. Question, could you send me a link of the can F connector so I purchase the correct one for my needs? Thank you sir. Also, thoughts on the exhaust backpressure sensor to compensate for pre turbine pressures?
  3. Hey guys, first of all thank you for taking the time out to read this post. I have been on a link g4+ Plug in for a while now, and have been tuning stock ecu evo's and a few link ecu setups here and there. My previous build on the evo 8 made 1028 WHP and due to my own stupidity of using open loop boost control, one night in 4th gear I had a really bad boost spike (65+ psi) and it lifted the head. During this, I managed to crack my block around the coolant port near one of the head stud holes, bent one of my rods, and balooned the top of one of the cylinders. Almost a year has gone by and now I own my own shop here in California. Like mentioned before, I deal a lot with the stock evo ECU using the open source interface and have had no engines give on me so far (Knock on wood) My new set up (Even though it is irrelevant to my question here) is the following: .Custom Diamond 10:1 Alloy rod spec Long rod pistons .Vader 156mm aluminum connecting rods .Callies billet 88mm crankshaft (super aerofinish to avoid excessive crank windage) .King xp series bearings all around .1/2 Inch L19 ARP head studs .1/2 Concrete filled block .Kiggly race valve springs (131lbs of seat pressure without shims) .Kelford 288 camshafts (12mm exhaust valve lift, 11.5mm intake valve lift) .FP Super 99 Turbocharge (72mm with a .82 AR v-band hotside) My question is this. I have already purchased the CAN to PCB harness, I already have an aem 4 channel UEGO controller with all 4 sensors. I am aware that I do need an exhaust pressure sensor to compensate for the individual widebands that are pre turbine, but my main question is the wiring of the CAN to PCB unit to the AEM unit as I am not the most knowledgable when it comes to electronics. I need to figure out how to set this up before the car goes on my dyno within the next2-3 weeks, so any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you, -Roni @ JRP Performance
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