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1999 version 6 sti base map

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Hi there, 

I recently purchased a Link G4+ for my 99 version 6 sti! I have booked a tune for the car but in the mean time I’d like to run the car around the block for a few minutes just to ensure I have no underlying issues that may pop up on the dyno. 


Could someone one point me in the right direction as for creating or modifying a map to run my vehicle with the few bolts ons it has. I’ve tried the stock v6 map but it hunts idle and will run very choppy when I apply the throttle. 



- 3” intake 

- turbo inlet

- top feed conversion, 250 pump, adjustable reg and 850cc injectors in parallel set up. 

-3” exhaust turbo back 

- 3port ebcs 

Thanks for any info, if this is posted incorrectly please let me know. 

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