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  1. Oh, let me try and get back to u. Seems it have problem if it have loading. Anyway let me try. Thx
  2. Hi there, Since it only log while click. I cannot drive and log. This is the idle trigger scope. Is it normal that have some trigger between them? And confirm I'm using trigger2 as primary. Will capture again if someone help to drive with me.
  3. OH, it more clear. Let me have a test and get the trigger scope. Then let you know the result. Cheer~~
  4. Thx mate, May I know how to grab the trigger scrop in PC Link? For VR sensor, I don't quite understand, you mean the sensor from the original distributor? I will try to change the trigger to 2 and change vtec rpm and let u know the result. Thx for your information. Jacky
  5. Dear All, I was modified 5 cars for B20 w/ Direct Spark. Modified Stock Distributor as trigger signal. Run very well on other cars. Until this, it was not smooth around 5000 rpm, and it randomly stuck in 6000 - 8000. Tried rich and lean, even modify spark advance. It happen on road or dyno. Attached w/ the Map and a log on dyno. Is the log file will tell which part have problem? Wire? Sensor in Distributor? Since the log file use external lambda, the lambda is between 12.5 to 13.1 AFR. Thanks for your kindly help!! Jacky B20 COP.pclr Dyno Final.llg
  6. Jacky Fung

    COP on a B16A

    Dear Adamw, About the timing. We need to clip the first cylinder to sync the timing signal. Is it the same to clip the ignition on the first cylinder? Thx in advance.
  7. Jacky Fung

    COP on a B16A

    Thx CJ. It really helpful information for me. Have a nice day!!!
  8. Jacky Fung

    COP on a B16A

    Dear Adamw, Thx for your information. For dwell timing, would u suggest the dwell for k20? Thx for your help!
  9. Jacky Fung

    COP on a B16A

    Dear Bro, I was modified my B16A to Coil on Plug on G4+. Setup correct in Link G4+ and the engine started when I set the Trigger Offset to 274. I have a stupid question. As I understand, ECU get the TDC signal from the distributor. Then direct spark. Am I right? If so, do I still need to use timing light to calibrate the trigger offset same as original? As I through, since the distributor can move in different position, it will have different timing. Also, do I need to modify the dwell time for a K20 Ignition coil? Sorry for too many question and hope you understand what I'm talking about. Jacky
  10. Jacky Fung

    Injector Timing

    OH, thx for your kindly help!!!
  11. Jacky Fung

    Injector Timing

    Hi there, I'm replacing K20 injector (As I know 310cc) into a B series Civic. I think i need to change the injector timing for them. Where can I get the correct timing for that injector and Link G4+? Thanks in advance. P.S.: Attached w/ the timing from a template of civic.
  12. I would like to thx Adamw solution. It works well for me. Really appreciate your help!!
  13. Yes. AdamW provide solution work great for me. Really appreciate your help!!!
  14. Hi Adamw, Thanks for your answer. Really useful to me and already order the booster. It was an issue for me 2 months. Will update once I got the result. Have a nice weekend Jacky
  15. Dear All, I tried to modify an EK civic into direct coil with G4+. Wired and config ecu. Everythings works fine that I can start engine, running smoothly. Only thing is I cannot get any tacho signal from the original cluster. I tried to config a output tacho signal from ecu. Only Defi ZD works, not the original cluster. Google and find that due to the signal from ecu is not enough voltage to drive the cluster. Do you have any suggestions/solution about that? I heard someone only need to key a cable from the original distributor. Thx in advance. Jacky
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