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  1. Oh gosh, it works fine after switch on the pull up resister. Thx for your kindly help!!
  2. Hi, sorry again... After removing the original Dash from Civic. I cannot get the speed signal from the link ECU. Once I put back the original dash, the speed signal live again. Do I miss anything? Thx
  3. Oh Great, that is the documents that I need. Really appreciate your support!
  4. Thx mate. I have another question. Might be off topic. How to handle the ground signal from original dash? Like charge indicator. Thx
  5. Dear Mate, I would like to connect Link Strada 1.2 to Linkecu Civic 95+. I know it need to connect to Can H and Can L of the dash. And I saw the loom will including 120 ohm resistor. May I know is it necessary and where I need to put? parallel or serial on loom? Can H or Can L? Since I cannot found any documents mention that. Thanks in advance. Jacky
  6. OK. Thx for your valuable information. Will take a look on it.
  7. Oh, thx for your information.
  8. Dear Mate, May I know which oil and fuel pressure sensor would recommend for Link G4+? I reviewing Link PS-150. But it seems a little bit expensive to me. Is all 5v sensor suitable? or any specific of it? Thanks in advance. Jacky
  9. Jacky Fung

    Knock Sensor

    Wow, let me check that. Thanks for your information!!
  10. Jacky Fung

    Knock Sensor

    Thanks for your reply. Is it possible to use other aux input for knock sensor? E.G. An Input or digital Input? Jacky
  11. Jacky Fung

    Knock Sensor

    Hi there, I have a question about installation of Knock Sensor in G4+ I'm setting up some Civic and G4+ (92+ and 95+ ECU). 1. Can I use the factory knock sensor? The wire already go into ECU without any wiring? 2. If I would like to use a Bosch Donut Type Knock Sensor? Which pin I need to wiring? As I know one of them is ground, how about the other? Factory Knock pin is (92+ -> D3 , 95+ -> D6). Is it right? Thanks for your help! Jacky
  12. Oh, let me try and get back to u. Seems it have problem if it have loading. Anyway let me try. Thx
  13. Hi there, Since it only log while click. I cannot drive and log. This is the idle trigger scope. Is it normal that have some trigger between them? And confirm I'm using trigger2 as primary. Will capture again if someone help to drive with me.
  14. OH, it more clear. Let me have a test and get the trigger scope. Then let you know the result. Cheer~~
  15. Thx mate, May I know how to grab the trigger scrop in PC Link? For VR sensor, I don't quite understand, you mean the sensor from the original distributor? I will try to change the trigger to 2 and change vtec rpm and let u know the result. Thx for your information. Jacky
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