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  1. Any update on being able to display from a CAN Lambda?
  2. Adza

    2005 STI Cruise Control

    I was going to put the brake and clutch switches in series, but now you have me thinking
  3. Adza

    2005 STI Cruise Control

    Hey CJ, thank you for the reply. Yep I can ditch the cruise module completely and that is a good idea to use the later model stalk. I will get one and give it a go
  4. Adza

    2005 STI Cruise Control

    G'day all, I guess I should get some advice to make sure I am on the right track in hooking up cruise control to the G4+. Back story is, I converted my Australian MY05 STI from cable throttle to DBW with the plug and play G4+ extreme. Researching the forums tells me to hook up cruise I would need a DI for the brake switch and an AN Volt for the cruise switches. For the AN volt I would need to wire a 1Kohm resister to the 5V source and also wire each cruise function to different resistors and which would then go to the ECU AN volt. I would use one of the MAF AN Volts. The OEM setup runs a cruise control module that receives all the inputs and then directs the cruise actuator. I would like to piggy back off the cruise activate, cruise set, cruise resume and brake switch wiring at the cruise module. Would there be any issues with this? Would the cruise accelerate and Cruise coast functions also work or will it just be set and resume? Also cruise cancel on the stalk activates set and resume at the same time and the cruise module turns cruise off, will this work in the link ECU? Any tips on what resistors to use as well? Do these get wired to vehicle ground or ECU ground? Am I over complicating this? Cheers
  5. Adza

    Cruise wiring/setup help

    Hey Adam, digging up an old thread I know, but would you happen to have another copy of that pic. I am looking at wiring the cruise on my AUD MY05 STI. Cheers
  6. Adza

    WRXLINK V7-9 Connectors

    Thank you for the reply Adamw, Guess I shouldn't have ripped the TPS wiring out of the loom lucky I have a spare one handy. Time to undo that error. I don't think I will get anywhere near 15 sensors so no need to worry about that. What would you say is the best way to split the 5V and sensor ground? I was think straight out of the computer to a splice with one way heading to the engine bay and another heading to the pedal. Then in the engine bay another splice going out to all sensors. Cheers
  7. Adza

    WRXLINK V7-9 Connectors

    G'day, Looking at wiring up my Australian MY05 STI and want to confirm a couple of things before I commit. I have a WRXLINK V7-9 and am adding IAT sensor, fuel pressure sensor, oil pressure sensor and converting to E-throttle. Looking to use the two expansion connectors and this is my plan: Connector 1 - AN Temp 4 - Intake Air Temp sensor (Link IAT 1-8) AN Volt 11 - Fuel Pressure Sensor (AEM 150 PSI stainless steel) Connector 2 - E-throttle set up is from a MY13 STI. Gnd - All sensor and E-throttle grounds +5V Out - All sensor and E-throttle 5V AUX 9 - Throttle 12V+ Aux 10 - Throttle 12V- Volt 6 - Throttle Sensor 1 Volt 7 - Throttle Sensor 2 Volt 9 - Pedal Sensor 1 Volt 10 - Pedal Sensor 2 I still have no where to connect the Oil pressure Sensor, can the IGN pins on connector 1 be re-assigned? or should I look at connecting to the main header? I will also be running a LINK Can Lambda and flex fuel sensor. There is a note in the instructions not to overload the 5V output. How much is too much? I will have the E-throttle, IAT, Fuel and Oil Sensors.
  8. Cheers Adam, It is V1.8 Time to work out how to wire it
  9. I have an Australian MY05 STI and am looking at converting from cable throttle to DBW. Can I confirm that the #WRX9 G4+ supports this out of the box? Cheers
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