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  1. You will need PC Link V2.5 from here: https://www.linkecu.com/pclink/PCLinkV2.5Setup.exe Once you are connected the first thing to check would be the runtimes down the bottom of the screen, this is all the live data, so check all the temperatures, pressure, voltages, etc look realistic, then try cranking and check that it shows about 150-250RPM when cranking.
  2. Try the BMW single Vanos mode, run the engine above the VVT RPM and ECT lockout and set cam angle test to "calibrate", it should take a couple of seconds, then it will turn the calibrate off by itself. After that confirm the inlet bank 1 position is showing correctly and no errors (VVT tab of runtimes screen). If its not happy, report back.
  3. Will need to see a log and your tune. My guess would be the launch exit decay rate is too small so it takes a long time to remove the limiter.
  4. You can still run the stock coils, you will just need an external ignitor. 2Channel if it is the 4 tower wasted spark coil, or 4 channel for COP. Often however it is just easier and cheaper to convert to some other coil with built in ignitors.
  5. Adamw

    Thunder wheel sensor

    Yes that should do it I would say. Or the ECUmaster wheel speed to CAN device is not a bad option (takes magneto restive).
  6. There is very little recorded in any of those logs, can you do a PC log with everything recorded? Im not convinced there are any signs of trigger error in those logs or scopes, but cant be confident since there is not much relevant data recorded. Looks more like a misfire since there are no spikes in RPM which is typical with a trigger error. Does it free rev above 4500?
  7. Possibly alternator, but indicators are only 50 or 60watts total (about 5A) so I think unlikely. I would be looking more for bad grounds. Make sure ECU is grounded to engine block, engine block is grounded direct to batt negative post and the chassis is grounded to the batt neg post. Make sure there is no paint under ground connections etc and all crimps ok sound, no corrosion etc.
  8. Adamw

    Thunder wheel sensor

    DMCD is just for normal AC VR sensors. DMCF is for magneto resistive sensors but only does one sensor so it will get expensive quick. I have never used one so I dont know much about them.
  9. Adamw

    ECU Unlock fails

    I just checked our system and there has not been an unlock generated for that serial number. So either the dealer typed it in wrong or he used the G4+ unlock tool instead of the G4X one. You will have to ask him to have another look.
  10. Adamw

    4efte start up map

    @takman Sorry you where given the wrong info above, you cant use a G4+ map in a G4X ecu. I may be able to convert it for you in the next few days. 抱歉,上面给出的错误信息无效,您不能在G4X ecu中使用G4 +地图。 我可能会在接下来的几天为您转换。
  11. Ill talk to the firmware team on Monday to check the sync points match but it looks close enough to me. Im wondering if maybe there is a voltage or waveform issue while cranking. Can you disable ignition and do another triggerscope while cranking on the starter motor.
  12. Adamw

    Controlling bmw ewp

    Im pretty sure they are a Peirburg CWA series. They are pretty simple and you can do the PWM direct from the ecu. See this thread for some info:
  13. As mentioned earlier, you dont need a specifc trigger decoder for this engine since you only have a single tooth on trigger 2. Your trigger 2 is still wired wrong polarity though so you need to swap the wires there. Otherwise you should be good to go. Contact tech@linkecu.com and tell them you are having connection issues and want to try the ferrite bead usb cable.
  14. That was a problem with some specific engines on early G4X boards. Im not sure if preventing precrank prime is going to solve that. If you get in touch with tech support you can get it fixed properly.
  15. Ok, you actually have a Linkplus there. That is laptop tunable which will make your diagnostics easier if you dont have the hand controller. You will need one of these to connect it to a laptop and a USB to serial adapter: https://dealers.linkecu.com/SER
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