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  1. Adamw

    Fury or thunder X

    The replacement for the Thunder is still in development. It is not a G4X series ecu, it will be the first of our next generation platform. It is still a long way off, hard to guess as im not closely involved at this stage but my feeling is still more than a year away.
  2. Your waveform looks much closer to the expected shape with ecu unplugged. Just need to figure out now if it is something internal in the ecu or some influence from a ground connected to something it shouldnt be or similar. With the crank sensor unplugged, but ecu plugged in and powered up, can you measure if any voltage is coming out of either pin at the crank sensor plug (from the ecu). Connect one voltmeter probe to any good ground, and measure if there is any voltage on either the trig1 or ground pin.
  3. Pics below are looking into the sensor housing: Cam is a hall effect, pins left to right: 12V, signal, ground: Crank is a reluctor, pins left to right: Signal, ground, shield. You can connect the shied to ground if the shield is not available to connect to in the factory loom.
  4. So it all looks pretty happy in that log. Is there still a problem?
  5. All the common standard channels in the generic dash stream will work, except Lambda will read wrong as the older ECU uses AFR instead of lambda (I think the number will probably display correct, but units will show lambda when it actually shows AFR). The "extended channels" will not be available in the G4..
  6. Adamw

    Water/Meth tuning

    I think it would be fine for the aquamist to reference IDC and the ECU tune to reference RPM Vs MAP. You dont normally adjust fuel for WMI, just the ignition advance to take advantage of the knock suppression.
  7. What voltage do you get if you set Aux 1 to "Test (ON)".
  8. No I dont see anything wrong in terms of set up or tune. If you remind me on Monday I pass the log and scope on to one of our firmware engineers for a second set of eyes but nothing jumps out at me. It still seems more something intermittent that we havent captured yet. A couple of things to do in the meantime: Get us some more triggerscopes at about 2000rpm or whatever conditions the RPM spike most often occurs at. it is pretty intermittent so one may just capture something. Try setting sync mode to none on trigger 2. The ecu will then ignore the cam sensor. with no sync the engine sometimes wont start - if it desnt start, stop cranking for a second, then try again. It should start approx 50% of attempts. If you still get trigger errors with the cam sensor turned off then at least it rules that out and we can concentrate more on the crank.
  9. Our E36 ECU is for the M50TUB25 engine only, that uses the Bosch M3.3.1 DME. The S50B32 uses the Siemens MS50.1 DME, which is completely different pinout, the pins are very difficult to get out of the connector without damage and there are other parts of the S50B32 factory wiring that arent suitable such as the vanos solenoids are high side drive by the factory ECU. It would probably be wiser to fit a wire in ecu for that model.
  10. No that is wrong. You have 2 x 1065cc primary = 2130cc total primary flow. You have 2 x 2200cc secondary = 4400cc total secondary flow. Sec/Pri flow ratio is 4400/2130 = 2.065 And that wont make a difference for start up anyhow - it will only make a difference once the secondaries start to come in at higher load. Sorry for comment above, may be wrong if you are now saying you have 4 primaries and 2 secondary injectors. I was assuming 2 of each. FC's only have 2 of each from what I remember. You also should do the practical test below to confirm the sec/pri flow ratio once running ok since it is unlikely the quoted generic flow numbers are accurate. Set the Sec PW lockout much lower - say 0.5ms. Set the whole staging table to 0% - so all fuel is injected by the primary injectors. Hold the engine steady at medium load/medium speed - say 3000RPM, half throttle for example. Easier on the dyno but you can also do it on a hill or whatever if you have a driver. Note what lambda is reading (or log and look later), while still holding at same speed/load, select the whole staging table and change it all to 100%. It is now running only on secondary injectors. If sec/pri flow ratio is correct, then lambda wont change when you swap between pri to sec injectors. If lambda goes richer when you change to 100% secondary then your sec/pri flow ratio is too small. Make it larger and do the test again.
  11. I would just drive it easy until it can be checked.
  12. If the VE increases, then the cylinder pressure increases, ignition timing will need to change to suit the higher cyl pressure.
  13. Adamw

    Water/Meth tuning

    It will be best to stick with MAP Vs RPM. IDC would still give a decent indication of air flow, butt it will be difficult to tune trying to hold IDC constant in a cell.
  14. Whats the serial number. You can find it by opening an old map from your ecu in pc link, or connecting your laptop to it and go to >help>ecu information. ECU's with serial number >10000 have working CAN, ECU's with <10000 will need a small modification to enable the CAN.
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