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Injector flow

kevin p

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Hi All,


I change the injector flow from stock which is 555cc to 1650cc along with the supply injector data. The injector duty cycle is low, but the VE is pretty high.  

How should I go about resolving the issue?




https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pRefw0mIlPc0adEi4CKMhYc6IHRdpHSt/view?usp=drive_link      log

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JozRoaSWyYbZrSUVDKFqIjDUZWViOU-h/view?usp=drive_link    file

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The map doesnt match the log so its a bit hard to tell without the correct data.  

Your VE is mostly exaggerated around idle and cruise, at WOT it is possibly a little high, but not far off normal.  So that would usually be deadtime related as deadtime error has a larger effect when PW is shorter. 

Some other things to fix:

  • Injector deadtime table has MAP on the Y axis, it likely should be differential fuel pressure.
  • Fuel system type is set to FP Sensor, but there is no fuel pressure sensor assigned. 
  • Many multifuel settings are wrong, fuel properties, injector flow rate, lambda target 2, multifuel blend ratio table.
  • IAT fuel trim should be disabled for modelled mode.
  • Accel fuel sense table is referencing TPS, it should generally be RPM as you need less enrichment at higher RPM. 
  • Under power you have a large variation in lambda between banks.  Lambda 2 is much leaner than lambda 1.


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