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  1. Ok, you have caught it properly in this log. As I suspected your 5V output is shorted out. You can see below (yellow trace) it is bouncing between 0 & 2.2V, this means no 5V sensors are reading correctly. It should normally be 4.98-5.02V if everything is good. Most commonly in my experience this short is failing sensor - usually a pressure sensor. To diagnose, put the 5V Out parameter on a large gauge similar to below on one of your screens, next time the fault occurs, set up the laptop somewhere you can see it from the engine bay and go around and unplug the 5V sensors one at a time. If the 5V gauge suddenly pops back up to a stable 5V when you unplug a sensor you have found the culprit.
  2. It needs to be connected to one of the CAN ports. A CANJST cable and possibly the extension is the easiest option, or you can make your own if you have a crimp tool for JST and DTM connectors. Set-up instructions are in the help file page: G4+ ECU Tuning Functions > CAN > Device Specific CAN Information > Link CAN-Lambda. https://dealers.linkecu.com/ADA_2 https://dealers.linkecu.com/ADA_7
  3. Connect 1 pin to an AN Temp input and the other to sensor ground. Use calibration NTC1-8 & IAT1-8
  4. Adamw

    Celica ST205

    Is this map password protected? I get some very odd errors when I try to open it.
  5. Adamw

    Show WOT on log

    The best option I can think of is a GPO/Virtual aux, you need to set this up before logging though. You will get something like below showing when TPS > 80% in this example:
  6. What is the throttle body on it? The settings look kind of expected ballpark, but it is very hyperactive. Can you set the PID recorder setup to E-throttle 1 and do a log of some throttle movements. Set the E-throttle to "run throttle" when stalled and you wont need the engine running to do the log.
  7. I dont see any issue with MAP or ECU temp in either log. But one problem I see with fuel is the accel fuel deadband is too low so the accel fuel is dumping in extra fuel continuously - even at idle with no throttle movement. You can see in the snip below, Inj PW is 1.1ms, but there is 0.5ms of accel fuel going in as well - which is nearly 50% extra. Some suggested changes below, but fuel table will need to be reworked after these changes since this would have messed up any mapping you have done. Suggested fuel changes in orange:
  8. Adamw

    90 MR2 RPM ISSUE

    No, it goes lean when there is a misfire or cut. It goes rich way before then, before then. Near the start of the run at 3500RPM you have 2.2ms injector PW at 80kpa MAP and lambda is on target. Where it starts to misfire at 5800RPM you have 6.8ms inj PW at 133Kpa MAP. I dont expect the VE changes much between these two points, so for a 65% increase in MAP (air flow) you have a 300% increase in fuel flow. That doesnt fit with normal logic. Does the MAP sensor match BAP with the engine off? I would at drop the values in the highlighted cells in the fuel table below down to something similar to the 19.3kpa row above them.
  9. Yes, getting the hardware and having a go it is a great way to learn. Its how we used to all do it before the internet. It sounds like you have enough interest and tuning fundamentals that you will be successful. Yes, the monsoon would be a good option. Using a MAP sensor is the best way to go for most engines with a single throttle. If you went to ITB's then you would probably tune using TPS instead and not need the MAP sensor. Our CAN lambda is good, but quite pricey, maybe overkill for what you need. There are some 3rd party devices around that work pretty good for less money. A couple worth considering: 14point7 Spartan2 (connect to analog input) or the AEM X-series (can connect via analog input or CAN bus). You will need a cyl head temp sensor or oil temp sensor for engine temp, and an air temp sensor either in the intake manifold or if ITB's in the filter. I wouldnt bother with a knock sensor. And you will need a TP sensor. That is about all the esentials. Either would be fine. Suggest getting a coil(s) with internal ignitors. The VW Golf wasted spark one is common and low cost (NGK 2003). No advantage with COP vs wasted spark with an engine like this. If there is something available off the shelf then that is a good option. Preferable a missing tooth type wheel, 36-1 or similar. Also a cam sensor/distributor sensor would allow sequential fuel (slightly better idle and transient fuel). Intake and throttle is really up to you. Single throttle is easier to tune than ITB's. If single throttle you want the injectors down close to the intake ports, not throttle body injection. An idle valve is nice to have ion a road car if that is an option on any kits you are looking at. Years ago the "mexico bettle" manifold kit used to be common for efi, not sure if similar kits are still about. A "surge tank" is usually the easiest option for a carb to efi conversion. You would fit this upfront in the hood area near the tank usually, but no real reason it couldnt go in the engine bay if there is room I guess. You can get some quite nice ones with the main pump built inside the swirl pot etc. You will really want an electric lift pump to fill the surgetank, I dont think I would try to use the mech pump. Also, I still wouldnt rule out considering a plug-in in the MR2 - there will be a whole lot less engineering involved, and really if you use common sense and take it easy when tuning you are unlikely to hurt anything. The VW will probably see a nice performace and drivability improvement too though.
  10. Ok, something is not right with the cam sensor. A reluctor sensor signal is typically symmetrical in that its voltage falls below zero by about the same amount as it rised above zero - something like pic below. But yours only shows a small positive bump with little negative. I suspect it may be wired back to front, and possibly way too much air gap? Normal reluctor waveform: Yours: Something is definitely not happy with the throttle too, can you attach your tune also.
  11. Adamw

    90 MR2 RPM ISSUE

    It is a misfire, there is no ECU commanded cut. It appears it is very rich, right before it misfires the lambda is showing 0.69, there are no many ignition systems that will light that up. Has it been tuned? Why is it so rich?
  12. As per my last message your files are restricted so are not accesable, you need to right click on them and change to anyone with link, something like below. It is not a tune problem as the tune cannot effect ECU temp or the MAP reading. I suspect you have an intermitant short or some other wiring issue which is why I want to see the log from when the problem was apparent.
  13. Have you measured battery voltage both before and during cranking? Have you measured voltage at the starter when cranking ? Those would be the first steps in any cranking diagnostics.
  14. If it’s got ITB’s as per the title of this post then you need to use TP on the fuel table axis, the one with MAP is irrelevant. Did you adjust master fuel to get lambda in the ball park?
  15. Does it turn over with normal effort on a spanner on the crank? Or is it tight? Assuming the engine is not tight/seized then you have low voltage reaching the starter motor. Could be a bad ground or bad cable etc.
  16. The only reputable place I have seen it quoted is by Ballenger, although even he is obviously not sure, but those numbers seem to fit other clues I have.
  17. Only for a hall effect sensor. If your sensors are VR you will need the VEMs device as the 4024 IC cant take a VR signal directly, it needs to be converted to a square wave first.
  18. Adamw

    Pclink on Windows Rt?

    No definitely not, I dont think RT can run any .exe file.
  19. No I wouldnt use CLL for that, probably best to just bump the master fuel up or down so that the lambda is somewhere in the normal ballpark.
  20. All of the channels listed below are transmitted to the dash in the DASH2Pro stream. So since you are receiving RPM that means the data is being sent and the CAN is working - your problem is the configuration at the dash end. I have little experience with the dash2 so you will have to ask RT how to configure it to receive all channels from the ECU interface.
  21. You may have exceeded your upload allowance, you can share your log file using Google drive, Onedrive, dropbox etc. Look at the parameter "Lambda 1 Status" and "Lambda 1 error".
  22. Adamw

    Wheel Speed Sensors

    The 4024 IC that those devices use to divide the frequency are good for many MHz, so you will not run into a limit in automotive use.
  23. Adamw

    TCI Auto Canbus

    It looks like this device is only designed to talk to FAST XFI ecu's, I have never seen the FAST XFI CAN published anywhere. You could try contacting them to see if they are forthcoming with that info, but I suspect like Racepak and Holley they will keep it close to their chest.
  24. Adamw

    ls3 base map wanted

    Here is one from our LS3 test car. LS3 Labrat.pclx
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