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  1. the US company is Wiring spcialties. I'll check if wires are shield or not... we've check several times for somthing machanical vibrations or possibile issue, but ther is nothing hitting... and engine is very smooth and silent to hear. but let me undertend: you run 1.6bar with greddy T88 on stock internal??
  2. I also notice that your windows setup is quite narrow than std setup: 0-30 start-length instead of 10-50. What's your exeprience about that? tks bye
  3. Engine is rebuild yes... What is oem sensor torque tighten value? I haven’t do that build but I can suggest owner to check this. Wireing is made new from an US company , could it be a shield or ground issue? Also this high level of noise is repetitive even stationary high rev rpms...
  4. This is my last saturday test at 1bar boost (efr8374 and GSC S1 cams) with a simple knock target fix line @500. Setup very close to your at least, but knock sensor input signal is near to saturation, so dangerous zone.. Anyway i've just ordered 2 Bosch new sensors
  5. Tks Adam, so do you suggest to use motor sport Knock sensor like Bocsh one? this car runs with efr8374 and GSC S1 cams.. But i've used this in G4+ Evo9 p&p and G4+ Storm on another 2jz as well, look: how is it possible?
  6. Another big question about this car tuning: we are useing a Storm G4+ for thia 2jz vvti, i've update firmware to latest but still can't see 'Auto Mode' in CLL... so can't tune al those features for a proper CLL behaivor... should be firmware the same for all g4+? Please Adam help me!
  7. Halo everybody, got a rapid question: what about knock channel gain value? I've set base gain at 1 and single cylnder gain at 0.8, but looks like oem sensors have very high gain because global knock value is quite loud and high evenif we checked for external machanical noise as well, angine is smooth and sounds good. just only 0.6 bar boost and no pull adv as well...
  8. Hallo everybody, i've got a silly question: how to redefine ingition output channel? Still didn't understood the match between output and spark position, i mean: AI1 -> coil nr1? AI2 -> coil nr2? AI6 -> coil nr2? AI7 -> coil nr4? I just want to use wasted spark oem wireing for coil 1 and 4 and new one for coil 2 and 3, but i need to know how to link in configuration this outputs... tks bye
  9. Adam do you think that in next fw release could be implemented this natural "behavior" (inhibition) durin flat shift? I also had this issue during 'no lift to shift' in tephra rom for Evos... that was really sad haveing phantom knock detection limiting power and drop boost on flat gear shifting... bye Filippo
  10. Yes or whatever is possible to use from Dashboard: different screen page, side buttons... storm have single can bus just connected to dash and can lambda. id like to know how to build streem data from dash to ecu and how link read this stream... in this case usefull also for read gear detection from dash,
  11. Hi guys, is it possible to setup Aim Starda 1.2 for send via CAN a streem for switching maps to g4+ storm? What is The right procedure? tks filippo
  12. Hallo everybody, once againg asking your help: here is the log where we can see knock detecting during flat shift: (also attached full log) . For sure that is machanical noise during clutch engagenig/release and gear shifting.... How can I match a virtual inhibition as we did some times ago for CLL? I could setup Knock Target with Gear shift status on Y axis but than looseing MAP matching... that's a pity... ideas? tks by Filippo flat shift knock issue 2.13.llg
  13. Adam firstly I thought the same that mivec pulley, in egnine 1 mivec stucks at maximum adv, had some mechanical problems so i've changed it. That was engine 1 with his own g4+ ecu p&p. In this case i saw duty log showing 0% trying to pull back advance... i'll search that log in meanwhile... But that happened again with engine 2 with another ecu, but this time at minimum adv, so the possibility of overcurrent protection could be an answer for engine 2 but not for engine 1: max adv means that pwm should stuck at 100%, that is not a protection behavior don't you? Could be a pwm overflow/
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