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  1. My engine can work normally, but the rpm can't work. I know I need to add tacho booster to operate it. I want to know if I can use this in the photo to operate it?
  2. Thank you for your confirmation. Why does my coil1 become hot and cause damage? Could it be caused by incorrect trigger offset? My trigger offset is now -85. I read the previous comments and they put it around 274. Is this correct?
  3. Can you help me confirm that my wire signal is correct? Igt (+5vol) I insert the ecu, the ground I install the screw of the distributor,the +12v I use the blk/yel cable of the distributor. Is this method correct?
  4. I didn't do either of these, what should I do? Need to change the trigger offset?
  5. All are correct. My original a20pin has a wire. I cut it and installed the k20 wire. Is it correct? I use the original distributo。
  6. I followed the wire in this picture to connect my k20 coil. There is 1 wire in my pin a20. I will change to the plug of the k20 coil. Am I doing it right?
  7. I have adjusted all of these. I want to confirm my access to the ecu wire. Can you give me a picture?
  8. The coil of the k20 that I installed cannot start the engine, and the first coil is hot. I want to know what's the problem?
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