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  1. hi is this a possibility? so i can control all my fueling in closed loop using my wideband?
  2. a) Set Ignition delay to 0. b) Using a good quality timing light, increase RPM and observe ignition retard. where i observe ignition retard? on idle im at 10 btdc but if i accelerate to 5000rpm i lose the mark on the damper on subaru the mark goes over to 30 btdc c) Increase Ignition Delay and repeat step b) and c) until the retard is eliminated. d) A typical value is between 20 to 80 microseconds.
  3. hi i have 2 question why when i use my launch control it keep itself engage althou its already running and why my speed dont go over 180km/h + pase 1 is where i had the lc active and it didnt disengage pase 3 i with lc disabled but speed sensor didnt go over 18x km/h car is trapping 210+ disregard the knock signals the map is a little rough and the knock is not enabled yet vp map 450 trigger 0 deegrees 505.pclr vp map 450 trigger 0 deegrees 505 - no lc after 11.2.pclr pass 3 cip.llg pase 1 cip.llg
  4. i think my trigger is indeed funny im 10 deegrees over on my tune and still making power dyno log 443.llg idle 2.llg Trigger Scope Log 2019-03-15 10;48;56 am idle.llg vp map 450.pclr
  5. 2 fuel pumps inside a tank with their filters
  6. 5500rpm no load right just accelerating while parked what do you mean fuel pickups like the fuel pump filters?
  7. I dont see any limits/fuel cuts/etc kicking in. Your logs dont show the lambda values or fuel pressure though so its hard to get the full picture. Without this I can really only guess Lambda values around .95 / 1.05 once it hit full boost at around 5400rpm Do you have a screenshot of the lambda graph from the dyno from either of these pulls? specifically I want to know if gradually crept up once you were on full boost, if it suddenly just jumped at some point, etc. it didnt crept gradually its like .78 then .95 /1.05 Is your fuel regulator boost reference working correctly? yes its working right its new i dont have a fuel pressure gauge inside the car but we kinda watch it on the dyno max calculated fuel flow in those logs is around 2050cc/sec - so around 120LPM which even after losses in the lines etc, you should be able to hit with any decent aftermarket pump (assuming your lines are big enough and the pump has big enough wiring to supply current) how can i calculate the max fuel flow , im using twin pumps a 340lph + 465lph to a an 8 line to big rails and ID1000 injectors the wire is gauge 8 positive and ground could this be the issue? that could not supply enough volts for 76 psi fuel pressure? Were you feeling misfires as it got above 5k on the 3rd gear pull? your RPM jumps around a little bit which could be misfire or it could be trigger issues. If all else fails, grab a trigger scope at 5400-ish rpm. could you explain a little better the trigger scope part?
  8. im tuning the car the fueling is ok up to 5500 after that it goes super lean 15 afr lean like im out of fuel pump fuel pump base pressure 4 bar i want to know if there is a correction or something on the map that could be cutting my fueling i tried the charge temp approximate table under boost at 100 and 0 does the same thing iat correction on and off does the same thing, the car have 2 new fuel pump and id1000 with a gt35 turbo at 16 psi so i should have plenty fueling im leaving my map and logs to see if somebody can steer me on the right direction or give me some pointers i suspect that i may have some correction or limiter pulling fuel after 5400 but i dont know if this plausible after innundacion no lc.pclr dyno pull 3rd gear.llg dyno pull malo 2 2nd gear.llg
  9. i have an issue the tps of my v6 sti the tps is not working when the engine is running if i turn the engine off and just switch to the on position without starting the tps calibrate perfectly and starts but whenever i switch to run it will stop reading attached logs and file Log 2019-02-1 10;11;04 am no tps.llg Log 2019-02-1 10;11;41 am yes tps off ignition.llg Fixed1 frank scaling 2 scaling 2 all sensor.pclr
  10. Frank B

    first start partially

    base timing 10 btdc when cranking now that i add more fuel and idles base timing is 8 btdc so i guess i should have some offset adjustment to do what offset number would you expect to see
  11. Frank B

    first start partially

    we are close now sputters loggin sputters.llg
  12. Frank B

    first start partially

    hi this is the map and log disable correction - test.pclr loggin dont start.llg
  13. i have a link g4 with 210 lb injectors on an sti ver 6 the car have the COP conversion if i test injectors and coils through link everything is connected fine i calibrate the trigger but it will start for 1 second and sputters if i test the injectors before starting it starts for 3 seconds and dies can you help me set my starting map i zero out all corrections to try to simplify it but nothing
  14. i resolve it for now i did a wiring from the battery to a relay that is being energized by the factory fuel pump relay + better ground and more juice for the walbro 450
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