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  1. Adam thanks so much, it all works perfectly. The only thing I needed to do is do a multiplier for lambda rather than a divider. Got coolant temp and map sensor working great too. Does adding a can stream or two use much horsepower from the Link ECU or is it pretty much a non issue?
  2. Thanks Adam! Is the extended can ID (32546820) just decimal of hex 0x01F0A004? Just trying to figure it out so I can add other parameters and understand a bit more. Thank you! For example, there's another can message ID of 0x01F0A000. Would I be correct in assuming the CAN ID would be 32546816? And how are the IAT and Coolant Temp data handed on that one?
  3. I wanted to know if you could guide me on how to add other channels to this like map pressure/boost, etc. I have access to the AEM can info, I'm just not experienced enough to know what to do with it. Here is a sample from the data sheet. Thanks! Josh
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