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  1. Thanks for your help adam.
  2. okay thank you! this is going to be using the gts base map? im not sure if you will need this info but ill supply it anyway.. injectors: ID1300x coils: r35 TOMSNissanR32-R34GTRG4XtremePlugin1.1.pclr
  3. I dont have any check valves but it wouldnt take much to throw as many as recommended into the fuel system. . As far as using the GTS map, I'm assuming I'm going to have to re-enter all of my settings? I.e. injector info and what all of my output/input represent?
  4. awesome Adam, i appreciate all of your wisdom! next thing is, im running a single turbo with a single throttle body intake manifold. are my settings somewhat reasonable for that? or is it too soon to know? i dont have iacv or anything for that matter under my intake... ive heard this can be somewhat of a pain to deal with as a tuner.. i dont mind having them there, i just dont for cleanliness reasons lol also i noticed when ign is turned on, both pumps prime. my plan was to use one pump constant and the other to kick on at a set boost pressure, the way its set up now going to allow that to work?
  5. Thank you sir, ill check it out tomorrow.
  6. Thanks adam, i have a 100psi fluid pressure sensor from nzefi calibration says 0.5v =0 kPa 4.5v=689.5 kPa
  7. hello everyone, im trying to mess around with my ecu before it and the car goes off for a tune. what things can you see that might need to be changed before it goes in? ive labeled my additional sensors, set them to the appropriate outputs and calibrated them.... i think.... i have set my fuel pumps on the appropriate outputs....i think lol my goal in a perfect world would be to get this as close as i can so my tuner doesn't have to mess around with it too much. if anyone needs additional info about my set up please ask. thank you!! TOMS Nissan R32-R34 GTR G4+ Xtreme Plugin.pclr
  8. MAP requested.pclr
  9. How do i do this... Sorry im extremely new to this... Hense the stupid question lol
  10. R32gtr rb26 g4+ pnp.... So Ive wired 2 fuel pumps through their own individual relays pin 85 runs to switched 12v pin 86 runs to ecu pins 104 and 106. When turning my ignition to the on position the pumps dont prime... I have no clue where i went wrong...
  11. Was this issue ever resolved? Which semsor is needed? And how should it be set up?
  12. Thanks adam!! Yeah, thats sort of what I've been seeing $$$ As far as staggered, id be totally fine with that. How would i get this done?
  13. Hello all, I hope everyone is having a wonderful surprise vacation!!! Im stuck at home and trying to NOT screw things up on my car. My question is, how would i go about wiring 2 electric radiator fans into my pnp ecu? In a perfect world, id like them to come on slowly as to not pull too much power too fast. Ive heard of people using pwm...? Im not familiar with this....(im new here lol) excuse me for my lack of knowledge... Tom,
  14. I was wondering if someone could enlighten me on how to wire in a flex fuel sensor on g4+pnp for r32 gtr.. I have the xs loom if that helps... Thank you in advance :)
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