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  1. thnks adam. i will log it again. im still using my stock throttle body. and luckily iv purchase a larger throttle body with a new TPS so i think it will solve the problem if it is really the sensor is faulty. thanks you more power il update after a week.
  2. Hello adam. I havent cleared them yet but i will try to clear them and log again. My problem is after warm start the car wont start it will take me 15 mins to cool down and start the engine to run. could it be one of my sensors for fault code 16 and 17? what are the sensors here for these fault codes. il post another log after il clear them. thank you adam.
  3. can you pls help me i have problems about my warm start maybe a sensor problem with coolant temp here is my log file my car is a hyundai coupe 98 g4gf engine 2.0 link monsoon FAULT CODE 16 and 17 julio log file.llg julioidlelog.llg
  4. hello sir, do you have any basemaps for my car, its a hyundai beta 1 tiburon 1998 2.0 n/a with stock internals ? im using a monsoon 

  5. hyundai tiburon 1998 2.0 G4GF with monsoon ecu stock internals slightly shaved head, port and polish cam gear, pulleys, 4.3 tranny, lightened flywheel,ram air intake, header, exhaust setup only just need one to compare
  6. Already solved my problem i attached my launch control at my pass beam.switch near my steering wheel thanks simon
  7. Will it affect my Air fuel ratio ? My car was already tuned by my tuner when i was using a 4 1 header and 2.5" downpipe and exhaust. And changed it to 4 2 1 header same downpipe ang exhaust. Im.using a link moonsoon ecu
  8. already have a switch for my hyundai tiburon 1998. but it should be better if theres s switch when i clutch it so no delay of time. how to make it sir simon?
  9. G4GF 2.0 ENGINE with Link Monsoon Problem: where to aattach launch control switch the right way
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