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  1. hello sir, do you have any basemaps for my car, its a hyundai beta 1 tiburon 1998 2.0 n/a with stock internals ? im using a monsoon 

  2. hyundai tiburon 1998 2.0 G4GF with monsoon ecu stock internals slightly shaved head, port and polish cam gear, pulleys, 4.3 tranny, lightened flywheel,ram air intake, header, exhaust setup only just need one to compare
  3. Already solved my problem i attached my launch control at my pass beam.switch near my steering wheel thanks simon
  4. Will it affect my Air fuel ratio ? My car was already tuned by my tuner when i was using a 4 1 header and 2.5" downpipe and exhaust. And changed it to 4 2 1 header same downpipe ang exhaust. Im.using a link moonsoon ecu
  5. already have a switch for my hyundai tiburon 1998. but it should be better if theres s switch when i clutch it so no delay of time. how to make it sir simon?
  6. G4GF 2.0 ENGINE with Link Monsoon Problem: where to aattach launch control switch the right way
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