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  1. hello guys im having issue to start my car : supra mkiv 2jz-gte stock internals Turbo garrett gtx3584rs Future Fab Toyota 2JZGTE V-band Exhaust Manifold Linkecu g4+ (SUPRALINK - #TS2JZ+) Radium Fuel Delivery System ID1050x Dual pump welbro F90000267 LQ9 Coils conversion kit also i have link can to lambda on can 2 but i don't understand how to map it with ecu link map 3 bar the car wont start at all can someone help me with base map for my setup best regards.
  2. almerekhi

    G4+ Bluetooth

    https://www.ecumaster.com/products/bt-module/ The Bluetooth module allows to transmit ECUMASTER log data via Bluetooth communication but I don't know if it will work with linkecu
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