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  1. can link g4+ delete iacv without going dbw?
  2. The CAN LAMBDA needs to be installed with a relay, whats the best way of doing this? Ideally I'd want to install it in the stock fuse box of my R33? Anyone have photos of how they installed it in their skyline?
  3. Can you specify anywhere in a skylines engine bay to tap into? Can you specify anywhere in a skylines engine bay to tap into? Or am I best off to just run a wire all the way from the battery in the back, to the front to supply the CAN Lambda power? I tried researching this but can't seem to find anything which is strange I would've thought a lot of people would have done this before.
  4. Having a few issues with connecting to my Link G4+. I attach the ecu harness header and will come up under device manager in my computer, but will not prime fuel pump or anything else. I haven't wired in anything else except for plugging the ecu in. I have made sure the microswitches on the board are correct as per start guide. Any ideas? If I plug the Powerfc back in, everything works. Also, using PCLink with updated drivers it will not connect to ECU. Must be something I'm doing wrong.
  5. Also, where would be best location to install air temp sensor? I have ffp plenum and I'm guessing would need to be positioned before the throttlebody?
  6. My battery for my R33 Skyline is rear mounted. Would I need to run a power wire all the way from the rear of the car to a relay in the engine bay to power the Lambda CAN as per the instructions in the manual? I'm guessing it can't be piggy backed off something else as could interrupt the signal. Is there a special relay to get, or does a place like Jay Car have everything I should need?
  7. BlakeR33

    Sensors for GTRLINK

    Hi Adam, thank you for replying. Do you know if the oil sensor you listed is compatible with my GTRLink and both functions of sensor will work? I cannot find a dealer of the MAC valve, I can find them on eBay as "Genuine" but seller not sure if sensor is when asked. https://www.pneumaticsolutions.com.au/review/product/list/id/4399/ Would selecting the 35A-ACA-DDBA-1BA option be correct? Sorry for being difficult about this, I just want to make sure I am buying the right parts.
  8. BlakeR33

    Sensors for GTRLINK

    Does anyone have an idea what sensors I should use? I think the Honeywell Oil Sensor, but it looks like it only does oil pressure not temperature as a 2 in 1
  9. BlakeR33

    Sensors for GTRLINK

    Hi guys, I have ordered a GTRLINK. I have the LINK IAT Sensor, LAMDA Sensor and extension harness. I know I need a Oil/Temp (combined if possible) sensor and MAC Valve. Can you guys please advise which ones I need to use as I want to use only quality parts. Thank you.
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