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  1. Reporting back. Disconnecting the battery did the trick. Have two more issues that just came up though. 1. One of the gauges I built is static and wont move. Even when I copy past a working gauge then change the input it always shows the max value. PID = Engine Oil Pressure. 2. AFR is not displaying. I'm assuming this has to be enabled in PC link? Thanks for your help guys.
  2. Yea, I only tried a key off cycle. I have a hi-amp circuit breaker for my battery, so i'll just use that to shut down the whole system and try again. Yup PC link works no problem. Everything stores just fine and that's how I was able to change baud rates to match. I'll try the above and report back.
  3. How to connect to link ECU - RealDash Forum Trying to connect my PNP G4+ to a windows surface tablet. Following the exact steps outline in the RealDash forum post, but cant get it to connect. Tried a couple different baud rates, but still nothing. Lower right hand corner of the app just repeatedly blinks "connecting", but never goes away. Anyone else have a similar problem?
  4. Thanks guys! Glad I asked!
  5. Hi All, The wiring diagram that comes with the CAN lambda sensor shows two versions of wiring, both with external power and ground for the 4 way connector. I'm just looking to confirm that there is no problem with using the power and ground from the PCB via the CAN to PCB connector (part# canpcb). Thanks!
  6. thanks for the link! I'll gladly add that to the collection.
  7. Hey Adam, Its a PNP Extreme Series 6 RX7 unit. As for the wideband in, it doesnt have it. I saw the port on another post and assumed mine it had it as well. Went home and confirmed that it does not.
  8. Did a search but wasn't able to find anything. Looking to get the male connector and pin part numbers for the wideband 02 port female can connector and female pin part numbers and female expansion harness connector and pin part numbers thanks!
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