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  1. Bayleebryson

    Engine fan

    Yeah that is right. They dont switch on. But I know it's on the ecu side because you can switch them on manually
  2. Bayleebryson

    Engine fan

    Yeah the engine has been run on the dyno and all sensor's calibrated and aux output is the correct one. They turn on when I switch it to test on but not buy there self at the desired temp
  3. Bayleebryson

    Engine fan

    I have my ect fan switched through my ecu but when set as engine fan 1,2,3 and passes the desired temp it doesnt switch on but when I use test on there is no issues. Any ideas
  4. Does 12v still work. And what's the advantages if both ways work using the grounding method
  5. When wiring my high low boost switch in and anti lag I'm planning on using a on off switch. Can I just supply 12v to one side of the switch and conect the digital input wire to the other side cheers
  6. im in the process of wiring my ecu and need to know the amperage draw of four toyota yaris coils worst case scenario. just seeing if i can run them off the same 12v power as injectors or have to run it through another relay. cheers
  7. Mint cheers for the reply I thought this was the case.
  8. When wiring the storm black do I need a digital input for the vct to work on the sr20det or will it run off the triggers I know I need to wire the solenoid to a auxiliary output. Just dont know if I need to wire the digital input to a variable timing sensor?
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