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  1. piotr

    launch control dbw limit

    Tested, everything working perfect
  2. piotr

    launch control dbw limit

    AWESOME!!!! Thank you very much
  3. piotr

    launch control dbw limit

    well, 1st one is used for normall condition. 2nd one is used for bypassing 20% 3rd one is for 25. I could set different boost levels with same bypass but I want my rpms to fall of as quick as possible for decay I mean it's not a big issue, because I'm fine tuned with 0.7 bar with launch boost, but I've got used to motec m800/m1 strategy in my evo x for launch control and I love it.
  4. Hi, Do you have an idea how to limit dbw let's say to 60% for launch control? I'm running evo 8 with e t-throttle, I'm using 3 tables already for anti lag, so it can't be done with e-throttle settings, thanks
  5. piotr

    g4+ evo 9 digital 8

    Hi everyone, As this forum is really helpfull I would like to ask about evo 9 digital input 8 which is clutch switch. can I use this one for some different setting? it's not defined on ecu pinouts in help menu, but it seams to be 43 pin in ecu. I will be helping my friend car which is located far from me so I want to make live as easy as possbile Thanks
  6. piotr

    digital input setup

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if it is possible to set up for example 2x antilag maps on one digital input? To be working like that: once I press button and first map is engaged, press again and second map is engaged one more time and antilag is off same as it's done with m800 For this moment I have done it with ic spray switch and 2x digital inputs but I was thinking if I can be lazy and don't have to wire another switch for ignition map I have used already all of virtual aux inputs for dbw setup I'm running link g4+ on evo 8 thanks in advance
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