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  1. I still has the same trigger problem during cranking. I have not spent more time solving this. Works great while engine is running, just need to crank a lot before engine starts.. Also, it messes up the statistics, as ecu thinks it has oscillating 200 /10.000/2.000 rpm during cranking (cause of the cranking trigger issues).
  2. For the SkiDoo 1200, 3 cylinder Rotax 4-tec engine, maybe a user changeable trigger arming threshold table would help ? During cranking, I get less trigger miscounts when I set the volt as high as possible. (close to the peak voltage) But when it is cold, engine is harder to turn over, and less battery voltage, -> the starter cranks slower, and actual trigger voltage is lower. So i need to set the voltage a bit too low. The arming threshold increase is fixed to every 1000 rpm. Given the crank speed is around 180 to 200 rpm, I would like to have 0 rpm, 180 rpm, 200 rpm, 1000 rpm, 2000 rpm, ..... Not sure if this is a solution, but maybe this is a easy fix, and useful for other engines as well
  3. I have tried several different trigger wheels on the ski-doo 1200. (Stock, and 2 different applications witout missing tooth, and 1 with bigger tooths). It dont seems to be any better. But problem is always during cranking. When engine first starts, there has never been a trigger miscount. Running normally around 9.000 rpm. (with rev.limiter on 9.500,-) I belive the problem is low crank speed combined with low voltage during cranking.
  4. I get these high values all the time. It occurs during cranking. Problem is low crank speed combined/caused by low voltage, this is in my case causing trigger errors.
  5. Syvecs has a ecu for the BMW N54 engine (Direct injection) They also has a Driver for high voltage injectors. I asked them if the driver would work with a Link-ecu. It will not work, i am told, as the Link Ecu doesn't support GDI strategies Is this somthing you are working on ?, or is the Syvecs ECU the only way. Regards Frode
  6. What about the N55 engine injectors, can they be operated by a Link ?: N55 Fuel Injection: The high pressure fuel injection system (HDE) is used on the N55 engine. In contrast to high precision injection (HPI), HDE uses solenoid fuel injectors with multi-hole nozzles. The system is similar to the N54 fuel injection. Although the same high pressure pump, pressure sensor, and fuel rail are used, the high pressure fuel injection valves are new. The HDE system uses Bosch high pressure solenoid type fuel injection valves with the designation HDEV5.2.
  7. Ooops. I thought those was similar to operate as ordinary injectors. We have already purchased an engine. It is to be put in an camper bus, so using stock ECU might be trouble. Is there an upcoming solution for these injectors, ? If not, and i just start looking for an ordinary fuelrail, do you know if there is any other issues: dual-vanos / triggers / E-throttle -Frode
  8. Anyone with something for the 3 litre twin turbo BMW N54 engine ? The plan is to use a Link ECU for the engine. No mods, keeping engine stock, just change gearbox from automatic to manual. Regards - Frode
  9. Did one more for a customer, same type of engine and put on a Link ECU again. But this one acted same as the Vi-pec.... Really hard to get running, and trigger issues during cranking. But runs perfect ones started. So the one who worked so well with a Link, must have been a coincident with component tolerances as you said Simon. But now we have made us a solution: Our own flywheel with another tooth/trigger pattern. Works great, and all the trigger issues are gone. -Frode
  10. Customer got grumpy not could get it work. So we welded the vanos, and ran engine with one trigger and wasted spark. Vi-Pec is a great product, but when you start having issues... Next Vanos engine will be with a Maxx-ecu
  11. Having trouble with trigger set-up (this engine has double vanos with individual cam-sensors. someone with a working map that wants to share it, thanks in advance. frode.brox@gmail.com
  12. Have a snowmobile, set up with a V88, and struggling with trigger faults during cranking. When it starts, it run perfectly with no trigger errors. Then we put a Link ECU on another identical engine, and we had no problems !!. So i guessed the fault(s) had to be in my settings. Last month we build one more for a customer, and put a V44 on it. Same problem with trigger errors during cranking, and problems to start it. We have worn out three starters, trying to solve it. Dont need ideas on wiring or settings, just want to know if there is difference in the hardware/software regarding triggers on Link vs ViPec.
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