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  1. Yes just hook it up to an Aux, set it to PWM and adjust the duty. (use injector duty cycle as axis)
  2. Here is a base file with some canbus info from a E87, I am pretty sure it is the same as E90. can bra2.pcl
  3. May I have your email address or other contact way

  4. Please contact me´╝îneed some help about S85engine

  5. Here it is, I think it was "Mapper" that made this. Works very well
  6. Could you send the hardware mod for the g3 plus to me also please?
  7. Was doing some testing and raised the rpm limit a bit. But then it stopped working. Revved the car far past the limit. I see the injector duty on the logs show over 100% so I wonder if this fault is still in the firmware? Here are some logs and the map from the engine. (BMW s54 with compressor). https://www.jottacloud.com/s/0229a218adc332e4a7eabb1ab91ce282762 Eivind
  8. M50b25tu is on/off vanos. M52b25tu is variable vanos (and ethrottle)
  9. You will get the unlock code from the distributor that sold the ECU new.
  10. Is it possible to get access to inj 7 and inj8 on the plug and play ecu?
  11. integrale8v


    What year is the engine? If it is facelift engine with 60-2 wheel you only need to change tps and install Iat sensor and ignition module. If it is preface E30 Then you must also install the 60-2 wheel and sensor from facelift.
  12. integrale8v

    I/O Expansions?

    Maybe this new AEM 22 channel could be a solution: http://aemelectronics.com/files/instructions/30-2212-22-Channel-CAN-Sensor-Module-Instructions.pdf cost $350usd.
  13. I modified the trigger, so it had 6 teeth on the crank and cam sensor. Works okay, but not perfect when starting.
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