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  1. Kitto

    I/O Expansions?

    Brad, Cruise works on my vehicle. But only set and cancel from the brake pedal work. Obviously the on / off master switch works as well. However accelerate and resume do not work. If you press either while cruise is activated cruise just cancels. I'm using a single AN volt for the inputs. From memory 1V is cruise on, 2V is set/accel, 3V is resume/decel and 4V is cancel. All inputs work, but cruise does not work as intended - i haven't had time to actually investigate any further.
  2. Kitto

    I/O Expansions?

    What exactly? I never fitted an I/O expander. I might in the future. I did however get pretty much everything i need working, working. Few issues i need to chase - cruise on light doesn't work and cruise accelerate / decelerate / resume does not work. Only SET CRUISE works.
  3. I don't want to install the older firmware as it has a fuel pump speed control issue that the new 5.6.6 fixed. There was also an update to live lambda map tables of some description which my tuner wants my vehicle to use. All i need is PC Link.
  4. Can someone send me a drop box link or similar to the latest un-released PC Link 5.6.6 Please. My tuner has updated the firmware on my ECU and i'm now unable to connect with the older version obviously. He had to update it to solve the fuel pump speed control bug. He's a busy man and getting it from him will take time . Too big to email to me no doubt. Regards,
  5. As above, if you don't have a fuel pulse damper, fit one and see if it fixes the erratic pressure.
  6. Haha, so i'm not going mad! Surely it cannot be a hardware issue with the Xtreme? It works under test function and GP Output function, just not under the Starter Solenoid function, Points towards a bug within the firmware? That's ok, i'll leave it as is for the moment. Be another 3 months before the car is operational anyway. In the mean time i'll just have to hold the key while starting.
  7. Exactly the same issue. Tried it with Test on mode with Aux 7 - perfect, also tried the incandescent lamp - perfect. Tried it under Starter Solenoid feature, no go. I did try something else to make sure when an the cranking signal was active the output comes on. I setup Aux 7 as a GP output > Cond 1 only > Enable when DI 7 High > Driver type High Side. Worked perfectly! With the key in the cranking position (Input 7 high), Aux 7 would illuminate the bulb. Certainly seems to be an issue with the Starter Solenoid feature or possibly any feature that drives a high signal?
  8. Black Xtreme wire in - i wired it in I was just thinking that, I'll try Aux 7 next which is for the boost control solenoid. I can attach my map, but there's nothing to it.. Engine hasn't been setup or any tuning done at all yet, literally just IO configuring so to speak. Note to add, i have tried other relays as well, Even tired a 2W incandescent 12V bulb - no go. But again, it will drive the light bulb with the test function on.
  9. 79 Ohms. Measuring Aux 8 wire at the ECU connector through the relay coil to ground. Perfect.
  10. Ok; With the relay connected i'm getting 0.5V across the relay when in starter solenoid function. When in test on function i'm getting a good 13V across the relay and the relay enables. For some reason, ONLY when i switch to starter solenoid function the available current is zip, barely enough to drive a T10 LED, relay coil brings the voltage down to 0.5V. Output 8 resistance to earth with the ECU harness connector disconnected or connected is open circuit. Resistance of Aux 8 wire itself from ECU to relay is 1 ohm.
  11. 11.8V is measured with no load connected. What is confusing is it works perfectly under test mode function and i receive 13.3V to the output. Will measure.
  12. Hello all, I'm having a puzzling issue with Auxiliary output number 8 on my Xtreme ECU. Aux 8 is setup as a high polarity driver (drives battery voltage to output) and is switching a 12V relay with an impedance of around 80 ohms. The reason i am high driving it is i don't have a 12V ignition switched source nearby. When in test output mode 'ON', Polarity set to HIGH and Driver type set to HIGH the Relay turns on and off as expected without any issue. However when you assign the output to 'Starter Solenoid', flick the key to the start position the relay does not enable. I ca
  13. No problem, thought that might be the case. I shall install a relay as i knew i'd have to do after turning the key off for the first time. Maybe something good to add into the help files of the new PC Link release? "A switched (key ON) 12V must be supplied to the other terminal of the injector" is what it currently states. Maybe add in a bit more information; "A switched (key ON) 12V must be supplied to the other terminal of the injector to prevent a back feed into the ECU. If the injectors are wired to 12V constant the ECU will stay powered up when the ignition
  14. Evening all. Before i start, i know what the issue is and the corrective action. This is a question so i know the why. G4+ Xtreme - I am at power up and testing stage; When the ignition is turned to off the injectors start pulsing like crazy, creating a back feed into the ECU. The reason for this is i have wired the injectors to constant 12V rather than switched. I did this without really thinking about it too much as the factory setup has the injectors wired to constant 12V so i replicated it. I'm well aware of not wiring solenoids etc to constant 12V driven off normal out
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