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  1. Hi Adams, where do I have to look for it here in the forum or in the help of the ECU?
  2. hello I need help, the antilag I already have it set up and it works, but I need to know how to make the tables so that it works correctly. regards Goyo
  3. Hello Adam, this is how I did it the first time and it did not work, I thought I had installed it badly, that way it does not spark. I do not understand why ingniter has a ground connection and a negative coil, this scheme is not very clear. That's why I thought the igniter was a transient.
  4. I think I was wrong in connecting the resistance, in the way that I show in the photo is correct, or I connect better directly in the leg of the transistor? Thank you
  5. Hello Adamw I have tried with the resistance and it continues without having ignition, I can not do the modification to the ecu, or some distributor here in Spain? Thank you.
  6. Thanks Adamw, I do not understand very well how I have to connect the resistance, can you explain a little easier? thank
  7. Hello, can not I enable another output to run the coils?
  8. Hello Simon, can you tell me where I have to send and how much will it cost me to make the modification? regards
  9. Hello I have a link g4 plug and play for m50, the engine has turbo and I have put coils of audi r8, but the engine does not start. Could you help me what I have to do to set up the ecu? greetings and thanks.
  10. goyo

    help, timed outputs

    Thank you very much Adamw, it is already configured and installed, and it works correctly. Next week I'll ask you to put a switch to have 2 different turbo boards. regards Goyo 20180916_133412_1.mp4
  11. goyo

    help, timed outputs

    the antilag is connected in DI5 and the outputs are AUX1 and AUX2 something like that I want to do
  12. goyo

    help, timed outputs

    if I have a switch on and off, when I activate the antilag that is with the same switch I activate a timed output 2 seconds and when I turn off I activate another output 2 seconds.
  13. goyo

    help, timed outputs

    I want to put a switch of 2 positions, to use 2 inputs and make 2 timed outputs to feed the mass of 2 relays. Do the entries have to be analog or digital? I do not know how I have to do to do timed. regards Goyo
  14. goyo

    turbo potentiometer

    Thank you very much Richard, now I understand it I will try. regards Goyo
  15. goyo

    turbo potentiometer

    Hello, forgive me but I do not understand it, I do not speak English and I use the translator. You could put pictures where I have to connect, sorry for the inconvenience.
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