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  1. Edit: I already have speed in another car, I changed the wheel selection in the Di on the link and now they work with any of the four... The gears is what indicates one of more. I also just saw that the oil pressure displayed by Real Dash does not match that of LinkEcu
  2. Hi, I am using can analyzer and Real Dash does not indicate speed. Also Gear works intermittently. The speed is on a Di4 and I use DASH2PRO to transmit on ID 1000 at 20hz. Link ecu works correctly, speed and gear, could it be an error in the Real Dash XML file? Greetings!
  3. I found it, AEM WB works at 500kbit and the can analyzer was at 250kbit. AEM WB had it turned off in the CAN configuration but it was still connected to the CAN input of Link. That gave the error, I set the analyzer to 500kbit and solved. Now I am trying to get the CAN Di to work from Real Dash, if anyone can help I would be grateful
  4. In G4x it works , I will check what I did wrong in G4+. I want to activate CAN DI from Real Dash.
  5. Hi can someone show real dash settings for usb/can. I changed the analyzer to 38400bps and 250hz and configured the can chanel in the LinkEcu but I can't get Real Dash to connect. Can I set it to 500hz? I have the WB AEM connected on the same channel (CAN2) and it works at 500hz Thanks!
  6. I have built a specific harness with direct spark, if it can cause damage to the engine I will have to modify it...
  7. Hello, I need to do the same. You can send me the instructions. Thanks!
  8. Hi Adam, will this be solved? Ign 5 and 6 have the same problem?
  9. Hello, with the G4X Plugin EvoI-III it continues the same. Di3 and IGN4 are not friends is something that should be fixed
  10. I can't get it to work without PMU, I tried 2 different ID
  11. Doing other jobs I did not have time, tomorrow I will try
  12. With PDM, on Monday I will test without PDM. I don't think it works and my CAN BUS level is null. I've only gotten one function per key and it has three.
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