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  1. I've problem with connect 30-0300 Aem WB to the G4+ monsoon via CanBus. This AEM gauge use a DT4 pin (+12v,GRD,CANH,CANL) for the road tune purpose. The monsoon can't connect to AEM gauge at all, However this same aem gauge can connect and display Lambda in PClink with G4X Evo3 plugin with the same CanBus configuration. 120ohm terminal resistor wired between CANH & CANL near to the AEM gauge. G4X evo3 plugin.pclx Nissan S14-15 G4+ Monsoon.pclr
  2. I'm using 3 wires Toyota ISC valve into engine with high cam fitted. when engine idle at 900rpm, MAP read vacuum about 80kpa. The ISC seem only working in between 50%-75%, out of this rpm range the engine speed will no changes, i'm believe due to poor vacuum because of high cam overlapping too much. It is better to use AlphaN tuning for more better idle control? Possible to have dual target idle RPM for G4+ with retain the close loop idle control? The engine still can idle fine, but when AC switch on it will pull down engine RPM too much from target idle RPM , and then the idle ignition control will add more ignition timing.
  3. ok, i'm found this Main Relay Driver didn't switch ON to Hold Power funtion, working as expected now, thanks.
  4. I've a Links Thunder and use the diagram hold power with low side switching, but the main relay + didn't output Low signal to activate the Main Relay when the IGN SW on, what could be the problem? Do i need configure the MainRelay+ to output Ground or the Thunder will set it to Ground automatically when IGN SW on, and then set to High when keep alive time finish?
  5. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YSOe0r_vDO2gk_zD6u5eiD10u5AvGcP2/view?usp=sharing please check
  6. please check https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YSOe0r_vDO2gk_zD6u5eiD10u5AvGcP2/view?usp=sharing
  7. still have same problem, already installed 6.19.65 and change the format to English/USA
  8. I'm use to switch the fuel table to graphic view and smooth the cell by press PageUp/PageDown, before that have to turn the graph to proper viewing angle. But now every time press the pageup or pagedown, the graph will reset back to default viewing angle, it make impossible to edit table in the graph mode. pc version 6.18.44
  9. The misfire problem gone after swap Di3 to Di7. for the Output Ignition 4, when setup the ignition system to direct spark, ignition 1 to 4 will automatic configure for coil 1-4, and the ignition 4 can't assign to other pin. So far the engine running good and no misfire with ignition4 set to ignition coil 4.
  10. i've strange problem with the Di3, which is the button to control high/low boost. When the Di3 activated, the engine start misfire, i've check through parameters (F12) but i cant find cause to the misfire. i'm try switch off the Di3 (unselect the boost function link to this input), but still have the misfire problem when button pressed. please help, thanks. misfire.llgx misfire.pclx full log.csv
  11. I've problem to connect AIM Strada 1.2 with GPS08. CAN1 already connect to G4X GPS08 come with 5pin male socket connect to 5pin CAN Expansion female connector. At raceStudio3, i can't find the GPS08 module under the CAN Expansion, anyone can help? Thanks.
  12. somehow the timing light working after done the basic tuned, suspect it was due to timing light grounding not good.
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